An Archaeology of the Personality

Retrieving Tales of Love and Sorrow

Book One – An Archaeology of the Personality – strings together a collection of eleven autobiographical tales from the first twenty years of my life. In each story, I track down the points of genesis which shaped and formed the inner structures of my personality. Each tale explores an aspect of the human experience we tend to turn away from, such as shame, terror, contempt, mistrust. It is our inner structuring that enables us either to avoid or to dissociate from these lower-vibrational parts and energies within ourselves; and there is infinite wisdom in doing so.

I experienced the writing of the tales as a work of archaeology, delicately probing into the imprinted structures of the personality, retrieving, and then gently embracing, the exiled parts of myself which were held in the icy frozenness of oblivion, denial and dissociation. This was an inner action of memorialising, whereby I was able to remember myself in my sovereign selfhood beyond the wounding and scarring.

The archaeology into past events, revisiting them from a totally new perspective, also enabled me to receive myself in the wholeness of myself, thereby to begin to get a taste of what it would be to become fully human. I offered myself, willingly and unreservedly, to the excavation of myself.

I was constantly guided, in an uninterrupted flow, to portal events which would generously cascade into my awareness, the emotional qualities and energetic tinctures of the events bubbling to the surface. As I endeavoured to recount them, and to translate the felt sensations into words, I began to experience more of the multilayeredness of life. I tumbled down into the deeper layers of the human experience beyond the frameworks we habitually use for referencing ourselves and reality.

Here, I was able to inquire into the darker aspects of the human experience, my own, and to begin to release imprinted structures and compacted material, tenderly holding those aspects which seem to disappear so easily from the radar of my awareness, slipping away to the last places I would want to go to, so ridden with shame, guilt, and grief they appear to be.

A Study Group

The manuscript is almost ready for publication. I will shortly be convening a Study Group to help me polish the eleven tales and insert suggestions and practices for working with the darker aspects of the human experience woven into each tale.