For many years, each spring, I would start to feel the toll of the previous months of intense labour: workshops designed and delivered, major innovations implemented, reviewed and adjusted, publications under press, talks and papers presented. Around Whitsun, listening to the soft sound of the tennis balls dropping on Roland-Garros clay court starring Roger Federer, I would start to dream of a wonderful summer. In my dreams there were no more deadlines, no urgent cases needing my full attention, no teachers nor students dumping themselves on a chair to tell me of their latest drama. In my dreams, there was just time for me: 8 to 9 full weeks all for myself when I would be free to do what I wanted and loved.

Yearning for time extensions

The more the pressure of the end of the academic year climbed, the more I tapped into my dream to get through evaluation weariness, exam exhaustion, and compassion fatigue. The first years my plan seemed to work and I can remember a few beautiful creative summers sitting at my desk writing and hiking across the Swiss Alps. Pure Bliss! Then gradually those 8 to 9 weeks started to shrink. The first week I was so tired that I remember feeling like a zombie floating around a frantic world where people were chasing the next special offer in the summer sales. Those weeks of bliss shrivelled away as I took on more tasks and commitments only, eventually, to find myself struggling to keep afloat. I still believed that my dreamland existed and that I would get back there, if only I could ….

Robert Holden has named this “Destination addiction”; take a look at his Ted talk on the topic.

This has to stop !

Over the years, I found out that I was not the only person missing out on a blissful summer; most of my colleagues were telling the same story. Five weeks of vacation, the first three spent getting over the stress of grading 600 essays and the last two wondering where all that time had disappeared before stressing about getting back to work. Listening to a colleague moaning about his holiday and boasting about his dedication to teaching, it suddenly hit me. I am going to stop doing this to myself and I am going to reclaim not only my summer bliss but also my whole life.

Summer 2018

Putting this to practice has prompted me to set up a package of Summer Specials all supporting self-care and self-empowerment. Summer 2018 will be about taking time to harness our leadership qualities and to start serving ourselves. It is time for me, and maybe also for you to invest in well-being, and I want to support you in this.

From the 1st of June to the 31st of August, I am offering between 15% and 20% discounts on sessions booked and paid for during this period.

On site, we will also be introducing intuitive tools such as the board version of the Transformation game and our new chakra meditation path.

And why not treat yourself to a break from it all on the sunshine island of Bornholm and get an authentic taste of Hygge life style.