Compelling Stories

  • 28. July 2021

    Do you speak english

    ”Taler du engelsk?” I look up from my desk in the round church of Osterlars into the eyes of a…

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  • 25. July 2021

    The armoury

    Østerlars church has two entries, the North door reserved for women and the South door for men. As I mentioned…

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  • 20. July 2021

    The Priesthood Board

    Three days a week I sit in the 16th century porch that adorns the round medieval church of Østerlars. The…

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  • 29. June 2021

    Music and words

    Music has become a significant feature of the online practice spaces I have been hosting for the past year. I…

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  • 30. May 2021

    Remembering my invocation

    I must introduce you to Camilla Pang. I first heard her on one of my favourite BBC Radio 3 programmes,…

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  • 22. May 2021

    I am here to remember

    I remember hearing the knock on the door. It is the postman. He has come to deliver my birthday cards….

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  • 24. April 2021

    Provide and protect

    I am sprawled over my desk and I am busy writing in my story book. It is a warm day,…

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  • 17. April 2021

    Wading through energetic trash

    As I woke up this morning, I found myself wandering the streets of Varanasi in India making my way down…

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  • 20. March 2021

    Sexual Imprinting

    Recently, in a dream, I encountered a physically-focused being, proud host to a genital abnormality. The outer appearances are that…

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  • 4. March 2021

    Tenderly Returning to the Past

    Last week I made a big come back to my former line of work, pedagogical innovation in higher education, something…

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