Once upon a time

  • 8. December 2019

    New Beginnings

    New beginnings! Really? Not a very original title for this post. Here we are preparing the Christmas celebrations, about to…

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  • 21. August 2019

    August celebrations

    My chronicles for 2019 are stringing together rituals and Christian celebrations on Bornholm and in our life. After sharing the…

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  • 30. June 2019

    Saint John’s Night

    I first got to hear of the festive celebrations of Saint John’s night when I read Viveca Sten’s thriller In…

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  • 12. April 2019

    Clearing out

    Like most people living in Central Europe, I have come to view Scandinavian countries as being very progressive regarding issues…

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  • 1. March 2019

    Rituals for becoming One

    February has been a very special month for us, a glorious time for celebrating the sacredness of union, exploring unspoken…

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  • 15. January 2019

    Wholeness roadmap 2019

    I spent the Christmas days working on my wholeness roadmap for 2019. I have been interested in the power of…

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  • 29. November 2018

    On-going transformations

    It has been quite some time since my last post (more than 6 months) and I have been pondering on…

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  • 1. September 2018

    Camping retreat

    Many things have happened since my last post and we have had a blissful summer blessed by exceptional weather and…

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  • 17. May 2018

    Blissful summer

    For many years, each spring, I would start to feel the toll of the previous months of intense labour: workshops…

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  • 1. May 2018

    A Soul Inspired Website

    The new website has been up for a month now and I am struggling to make it known and to…

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