Compelling Stories

  • 21. September 2021

    Bach Before Five

    On BBC Radio 3’s early breakfast programme there is particular sequence I enjoy, Bach Before Seven. It leads up to…

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  • 14. September 2021

    Lavishness and Inclusiveness

    Last Sunday, we celebrated a bountiful harvest with a special church service, høstgudstjeneste, high mass with communion, followed by the…

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  • 30. August 2021

    Why Is The Church Round?

    Why is the church round? Many people have been come up to me lately asking why Østerlars round church is…

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  • 10. August 2021

    How Many Are You?

    “How many are you?” A seemingly easy question, but one which has frequently drawn stunned looks when I ask it….

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  • 3. August 2021

    Sacred Circles

    In front of the main entrance to Østerlars church there is a paved esplanade nestled between some chestnut trees. It…

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  • 28. July 2021

    Do You Speak English?

    ”Taler du engelsk?” I look up from my desk in the round church of Osterlars into the eyes of a…

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  • 25. July 2021

    The Armoury

    Østerlars church has two entries, the North door reserved for women and the South door for men. As I mentioned…

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  • 20. July 2021

    The Priesthood Board

    To the left of the desk where I sit in the the round medieval church of Østerlars, there is wooden…

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  • 29. June 2021

    Music and words

    Music has become a significant feature of the online practice spaces I have been hosting for the past year. I…

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  • 30. May 2021

    Remembering my invocation

    I must introduce you to Camilla Pang. I first heard her on one of my favourite BBC Radio 3 programmes,…

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