Camping retreat

Many things have happened since my last post and we have had a blissful summer blessed by exceptional weather and many visits from friends and family wanting to find out more about what we are doing here on Bornholm.

I have decided to open the blog to fellow explorers of wholeness and to share some of the beautiful reflections we receive about the transformational journeys people are experiencing. The first of these is the contribution from Brett and Françoise from Strasbourg who were the first to try out a camping retreat in the garden and to suggest a creative practice of inclusiveness, a cadavre exquis poem.

Now enjoy …

Camping retreat

We spent a memorable week exploring Bornholm, a slow tempo retreat for mind and body, with our gracious hosts, John and Nicole. Françoise and I pitched our tent under the shade of a maple tree in a nook in the garden to benefit from the refreshing breezes of “tropical” Bornholm. Camping with deluxe accommodations: close to the rhythms of nature, yet with full modern conveniences of a full bathroom, washing machine, and cooking and dining together.

Françoise and I fell asleep under the spell of a star canopy, woke to dawn birdsong, and wandered barefoot through the evanescent dew gracing the garden. Pure pastoral pastels surround us: fields of wheat are brushed by breeze waves, blue azure skies contrast with paintbrush stroke clouds, the golden light of dusk warms the heart and soul.

The second night the four of us celebrated a full lunar eclipse together; an evening of discussion and contemplation accompanied by the magic and mystery of planetary alignment, then the moon slowly emerging from the Earth’s shadow, illunamation intensity, Mars hovering nearby. We slowly abandoned ourselves to an intense feeling of being in the right place at the right time, which coalesced into a collective a cadavre exquis poem.

During the day, we wandered off to explore the round churches and quaint villages, hike trails along the shore, collect wild Mirabelle plums, and chokecherries, visit artists’ workshops, and take swimming dips in small fishing ports and beaches along the coast. The art of travel is encountering others in unexpected places, for instance at the flea market, that helped to reveal the strong community spirit of Bornholm, and a Danish penchant for collectables.

Evenings we returned to share meals, discuss our adventures, and share thoughts and questions about our trajectories in life, each asking questions and listening to encourage deeper thought about our core values. A week with John and Nicole also allowed us to better assimilate the Danish concept of “Hygge”, a well-being inspired and intentionally cultivated by the attention to the small, simple pleasures and to detail. Appreciating the beauty of life. We left the island grounded, leaving our conversations suspended on essential questions of life. A magical week, a gift to treasure and share.

Love, Françoise and Brett

n.b. An unusual event for those curious to learn more about the Danish: the Hønseskidning, a very popular community bingo event where chicken droppings determine if it is your lucky day, all-in-good-fun, complete with the possibility to bribe the hens with feed to coax them to do their thing in the squares on which you have wagered.

I l l u n a m a t i o n

As an orb

A delicate and graceful transition to another level

Hidden, revealed, enlightened

Light emitted by shadow

Pink slowness and unfolding light

The essence of being, feeling the presence of

Aligned with the source

Suspended whisper in time, listen

My heart is open, willing and expectant

Towards destiny

The veil of clouds, the sound of the wind on the fields and

Cycles back to stellar dreams