Celebrating Sovereignty

Three sessions for affirming ourselves as higher-vibrational expressions of life

The World You Wish To Bring Into Being, the companion volume of the Guidance for Life On Earth series, has been available since the beginning of the summer. Readers have been appreciating the footnotes pointing at teachings and practices in Book One and Book Two, thereby discovering new itineraries and ways of engaging with the material.

Almost all the teachings and practices referenced are those we explored and unpacked on the Wednesday calls between January and June 2021. Three additional practices have made their way into the companion volume. They now await our loving attention, and summon us to our collective practice space.

I invite you to join me for three 2-hour sessions in September to partake in three practices from Book Two.

Session 1 – Practice 16. Worlding Through Relationship

Session 2 – Practice 22. Consenting to Participate in All of Life

Session 3 – Practice 27. Celebrating Sovereignty and Subtle Support

This practice space compliments the  online dialogues on themes from the books hosted by Stephen Busby over the same period (24 August, 7 & 21 September).


Following the outline of the former Wednesday calls, we will begin by reading a few sections leading up to the practice. The practice will be read slowly with plenty of pausing accompanied by music to open up our sensitivities and enhance our receptivity of the material, and the frequencies woven into and beyond the words.

After the practice we will indulge in a spacious breakout to further explore what is presenting itself to us as we consent to participate in the fullness of life and to world in each other’s presence. The plenary will enable us to share whatever is arising and moving in us as we realise the extent of our collective nature and the potency of our worlding.

We will close the session with a collective reading of the section following the practice allowing further seeding and flowering of the material.

Dates & Times

Wednesday 1 September 2021

Wednesday 8 September 2021

Wednesday 15 September 2021


10.00 – 12.00 Pacific

11.00 – 13.00 Mountain

12.00 – 14.00 Central

13.00 – 15.00 Eastern

18.00 – 20.00 UK & Ireland

19.00 – 21.00 CET

Suggested donation (in Danish Crowns)

For all three sessions: 600 DKK – 80 Euros – 70 GBP – 95 USD

If you have income or resources, and are not in financial difficulty, then please attune to an amount between 600 DKK and 1’200 DKK in support of the expansion of the field of work.

If you feel financially stretched, please make an offer which is within your financial capacity. Your offer will be given serious consideration.

Possibility to attend one or two sessions in which case the price per session is 250 DKK (33 Euros – 28 GBP – 40 USD)

To make a payment and register

Payments are made via PayPal in Danish Crowns (DKK) using my email – nicky@yggdrasil-wholeness.com – which will direct you to my business account: Yggdrasil Living Wholeness I/S.

In the place reserved for your note, indicate your name and the reason for payment ‘Celebrating Sovereignty’.

A PayPal request can be sent if needed. Receipts are issued with the amount sent in DKK unless specified otherwise.

Payment includes recordings of the sessions, and any documentation produced.

You will receive the Zoom link to join the calls a few days before the first call. Reminders, including the times and the Zoom link, will be sent out the day before each call.