Inner Guidance Practice Space – Special Edition

Wednesday 2 June 2021

Five years ago, May 2016, I turned up for a workshop in Findhorn hosted by Stephen. This was to be the beginning of an extraordinary adventure which never ceases to amaze me in its unfoldment and the remembering of my essential and collective nature.

After our gathering in Findhorn, Julien, John and I offered to initiate monthly online calls, the third Wednesday of the month. This was the place for participants in a Stephen Findhorn-based workshop to come together, seek out practice partners and cohere relational practice spaces. We called them the UpperCC Calls reminding us of the place where we first met (now no longer) and where we discovered the field of higher consciousness. Many experiments, such as we-spaces, were birthed from our gatherings.

Shortly after lockdown in March 2020, the monthly meetings naturally became weekly gatherings as we learned to connect and to relate differently. Then, following the Immersion in May/June 2020 – Guidance for Life, the weekly Wednesday calls became an Inner Guidance Practice Space dedicated to working with the teachings and practices nestled in the Guidance for Life on Earth books.

Agnethe and Dave helped me cohere and host the Inner Guidance Practice Space and we were later joined by Pat who not only gently ushers us into triad breakout rooms, but also delights us with pictures to enhance the posts on the Facebook group page.

I am blessed with abundant inner guidance as to how these weekly calls are to unfold, which cycles to propose, for instance, and, for each cycle, which are to be the practices guiding us 1) to De-cluttering and Clearing Energetic Residues, 2) to becoming Inner Activists Living According to Resonance and 3) to Birthing Selfhood, and which are the completion workshops at the end of each cycle. There have also been the nine Yuletide Gatherings and, more recently, the five Easter Gatherings.

What an extraordinary programme! Such a rich and prolific offering, a continuous blessing that replenishes and nourishes me, allowing me to fulfil my incarnational purpose and to secure my cosmic coordinates of being on-purpose and in-frequency.

Wednesday 26 May was the last of this epic journey and it is time for me to bring to completion these 5 years of in-depth work and service to the field.

To mark the completion, I invite you to a celebratory gathering on Wednesday 2 June 2021 at the usual time. Together, we will celebrate and honour all that was enabled through our gatherings and bow to our unfailing commitment, through love and service, to the teachings and practices we have received and participated in.

Let’s release together our relational container offering our gratitude, our love, and much more. Let’s also listen, attentively, to the whispers suggesting where we are next called to go and to meet to further dive into the material in innovative ways which are awaiting our loving attention and conscious intent.

Join me on at the following times:

8.30 – Hawaii
10.30 – Pacific
11.30 – Mountain
12.30 – Central
13.30 – Eastern
18.30 – UK
19.30 – Central European
3.30 am Thursday 3 June – Brisbane, Australia