Archetypal psychology

Working with subtle energies

Each one of us has a unique way of embodying the subtle energies and information available to us. Our inheritance – genetic, social and cultural – and our lifetime experiences – early childhood events as well as situations that repeatedly show up – all provide us with a fast track for discovering who we are and what we are called to bring into the world over the course of our lifetime. The dance of life constantly puts us in contact with archetypal forces (i.e. the transformer, the sovereign, the revolutionary, the sage). These encounters shape our personality and define our responses to life and everything we will bump into. There are days when we are uplifted and flow gracefully, and others where we will feel the effects of energy fatigue and overwhelm.

I have started working with twelve archetypes to feel into the complexities of our levels of energies and how they colour our inspiration, driving forces, and leadership skills. What sparks me up? What is likely to activate me? How do I resource myself? What is likely to cause depletion? How can I reduce the effects of stress? Among many options, my work explores the interplay between authority, power and leadership, the roots of caring relationships with Self and others, the craving for adventure and the quest for truth, and the principles of creativity and transformation.

I have designed a tool that provides a reading of your inner constellation of the archetypes. I am interested in supporting you to befriend all the archetypal energies so that you become more receptive and attuned with your Inner Senses and can align with your Whole Self.

Constellation of archetypal energies (CAE)

The reading starts with a test based on a collection of affirmations each one with a specific frequency matching one of the twelve archetypes. The purpose of the test is to register how these frequencies show up within you and to feel their vibrational resonances from a place of inner sensing. A good way of describing this is to imagine a chord being plucked somewhere out there and to listen to the reverberation within. Strong vibration? Or faint response? The test can either be self-administrated by reading out loud each affirmation and tuning into the inner resonances or I can read them out to you and we tune in together to listen to the frequencies. Once the test is completed, I provide you with a chart that reflects the way you are currently embodying the twelve archetypal energies. This will be the basis for a 90 minutes session (online or one-to-one) during which we will explore your particular profile and look at ways of balancing your strengths and driving forces so that you become more connected with your Whole Self.


This is pioneer work and I am eager to work with people who are curious and interested in archetypal psychology. Also, I am still refining the tools and its framework. In order to deepen this work, I am offering donation-based readings. Book yourself a reading and pay after based on the value of your experience. You can also practice gift economy by paying up front for someone to have a reading.

Needing help to determine the amount? The scale is between 250 DKK or 30 Euros (low budget rate) and 1’300 DKK or 200 Euros (business rate).