Wholeness of Selfhood

Nicola Mary Christensen-Johnson

Friday Guided Meditations

Bornholm, 12 December 2022

Dear Friends and Companions,

I am currently in a transitional phase of my life where everything is being turned upside down and inside out. One of the edges I am being pushed towards is that of financial instability as my resources dwindle. Over the past years, I have been exploring the tenets of sacred economy and working on the shift from transactional and monetarised relationships towards gift economy and transformational relationships.

One of the options I looked into for accompanying the transition period has been crowdfunding. I originally considered inserting a Donation option in the webshop. In order to do so, I need to register and obtain approval from the Danish authorities, the issue being money laundering. Unfortunately, this procedure will take several months, and my current resources will not carry me over the next period.

So, I went within and asked, “What do I do now?”

The response was immediate. I am to hold regular online guided meditations. In other occasions, when I have donated to similar fields of work, I have then been invited to join a complimentary guided meditation or received an online issue of a journal.  My inner guidance is suggesting that I do things the other way around: host weekly guided meditations and ask people to donate by purchasing tickets (which fit all the boxes of the webshop requirements).  

Starting on Friday 23 December 2022, I will be hosting a weekly 30-minute guided meditation until the week before Easter (Friday 31 March 2023).  

Thank you for your generosity and unfailing support.

With deepest gratitude,


22 December 2022 – an update

Since consenting to hold this contemplative practice, a lot has been moving for me taking me uncompromisingly into the depths of things, to the essence of creation, the source of life living itself in me. Financial security is ever more eluding me taking me to the brinks of anguish and despondency. Nonetheless, I am being directed to faithfully and steadfastly offer a guided meditation based on the words – Remember, you are loved and you are love. It is as if this is the only thing I am called to do, my prayer for the fullness of humanity.

I have already started offering my prayer and I intend to do so every day. I invite you to join me on the Fridays when I offer it online. In a certain sense, it matters not if people attend. The most important is for me to speak these words out and to offer them regardless of any outer circumstances. This is my contact point with all reality, the place where I bump into all of life, the place where I cherish and polish the contemplative and mystical way of seeing wholeness, in the ordinariness of living wholeness in simple acts of devotion.


Contemplative Meditation

Participation in the Friday guided meditations is for a period of three months and includes all the meditations held within the period (see calendar below for Q1-2023). You can purchase tickets via the webshop for each of the four quarters of the year.

  • Q1 = January, February & March.
  • Q2 = April, May & June.
  • Q3 = July, August & September.
  • Q4 = October, November & December.


There is a range of 4 participation fees, and you are invited to pay according to your possibilities. The purchase gives access to all the meditations for the three-month period regardless of the amount paid.

After payment, you will receive the Zoom link for entering the sanctuary. Please note that the link is only valid for the three months of the quarter period of your purchase.

Your name will be added to a mailing list and you will receive a confirmation email the day before each meditation, reminding you of the times according to your time zone.

The Zoom room will open 10 minutes before we start. Please be online a couple of minutes beforehand so that we can start the meditation together.

Based on centering prayer, the guided meditations invite us to a shared time of stillness and contemplation. After a short introduction, breathing in and out some loving words, we sit in silence for the remaining time. In each other’s presence, we allow ourselves to fall into the wellspring of primal love and to replenish ourselves from the fountain of overflowing love, source of life eternal.

All participants are muted. We leave the meditation circle in silence and in appreciation of our heart-connected time together radiating love into world.

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