There are many ways to get to Bornholm. We suggest you start practicing slowing down and take your time. This will help you refine your intentions, land them on the island, and find the right pace for your transformational journey. Whatever your wishes, necessities or wants, we will happily review options and help you plan your journey to Yggdrasil Living Wholeness, and sort out your accommodation either in the house or elsewhere on the island.

For the busy bees: flying to Bornholm via Copenhagen

Bornholm has a regional airport with daily connections to Copenhagen Airport Kastrup. Getting to Copenhagen is very easy with several connections with main European cities, regular low-cost services with EasyJet and Ryan Air, and excellent connections with main overseas destinations.

The speedy option is to fly with SAS  to Rønne, Bornholm via Copenhagen which includes the hop flight to the regional airport (our favourite).

If you choose a low-cost flight and want to take a flight on to Bornholm you will need to book with Danish Air Transport. This will imply picking up your luggage in Copenhagen and dropping it off again. Fortunately, the drop off counters are just after arrivals so can be done with little hassle. This is very popular with most Bornholmers. Do allow plenty of time between arrival in Copenhagen and departure to Bornholm so as to avoid running between the terminals.

The usual car rental companies are available at Bornholm airport if you want to have your own car.

For the leisurely snails: travelling by coach or train and ferry

To Copenhagen

There are several international trains linking Copenhagen Central to Germany and a City nightline. The most popular cities served are Hamburg, Stockholm, Basel, Amsterdam, and Dusseldorf. Combining them with European high-speed trains (Eurostar, ICE, TGV) will turn your train journey into a lovely slowing down experience.

Flixbus operate coach services between Copenhagen and major cities in Germany.

To Bornholm

Ferries to and from Bornholm are operated by Bornholmslinjen. They offer several high-speed daily crossings between Rønne on Bornholm and Ystad in Sweden (the regular scenic route to Copenhagen via the Øresund Bridge across the strait between Denmark and Sweden). We have just changed ferry service to Bornholm and the new company are struggling to meet the standards having cancelled crossings in bad weather or replaced the high-speed boat with a slow normal boat prone to inducing sea-sickness. You will eventually get to Bornholm but delays can be expected in bad weather.

There is a daily service (slower crossing) between Rønne and Koge (South of Copenhagen), the commercial route. To Bornholm is a night ferry leaving at 00.30 every day with very good cheap sleeping facilities.

There is also an all-year connection to Sassnitz in Germany three times a week during the low season (Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from November to end of March) and daily during the high season (April to end of October).

By bus : There are two bus services between Bornholm and Copenhagen combining bus and ferry: Kombardo Express and  Bornholmer Bussen. Please check where the pick-up location is and if the bus stops in Kastrup Copenhagen Airport.

By train: Several daily connections to Ystad with 1 change: Danish State Railways (DSB). Travelling by bus is by far the best option unless you want to bring your bicycle in which case you will need to take the train.

On arrival at Rønne

You can take a local bus to Østerlars, line N° 3, 30 minutes ride. The buses wait for the ferries just next to the terminal in Rønne.

You can book a taxi with Dantaxi and they will pick you up at the terminal.

Or we will happily come pick you up ourselves at the terminal or the airport. Our pick up/drop off rate is 150,00 DKK if not included in your programme.