Inner Guidance Practice Space

Working with the material from the Guidance for Life on Earth series

Birthing Selfhood

Nine Sessions for Learning to Become Fully Human

31 March – 26 May 2021

Date and Times

  1. Wednesday 31 March 2021: Book One – Practice 31. Exploring Higher Will
  2. Wednesday 7 April 2021: Book One – Practice 32. Inquiring into Fullness and Ambivalence
  3. Wednesday 14 April 2021: Book One – Practice 34. Exploring Inner Reality, Part 1
  4. Wednesday 21 April 2021: Book One – Practice 35. Exploring Inner Reality, Part 2
  5. Wednesday 28 April 2021: Book One – Practice 36. Exploring Inner Reality, Part 3
  6. Wednesday 5 May 2021: Book Two – Practice 2. Bringing Awareness to Your Worlding
  7. Wednesday 12 May 2021: Book Two – Practice 7. Inquiring into Subtle Sensitivity
  8. Wednesday 19 May 2021: Book Two – Practice 11. Consenting to Sensitivity
  9. Wednesday 26 May 2021: Book Two – Practice 12. Sensing Relationship and Place


  • 8.30 Hawaii – 10.30 Pacific – 11.30 Mountain – 12.30 Central – 13.30 Eastern
  • 18.30 UK – 19.30 Central Europe


Completion Workshop for the Birthing Selfhood cycle

Saturday 22 May 2021, 17.00 to 20.00 (CET)

Integration & Embodied Realisation

Based on Practice 21. Loving Yourself Beyond Belief and Practice 25. Receiving Yourself in Love, Book Two


Working in Relational Containers

As recommended by the inner guides, the purpose of the gatherings is to practice and learn to shift our perception of reality bringing awareness as to how we choose and create worlds through our loving conscious intent, together. The practices summon us to a learning journey where we become unconditionally available to the fullness of life, embodying higher frequencies of consciousness and, through remembering and returning to origin, embracing our sovereign selfhood.

Working with companions in regular dyads and triads is great. Better still – we are discovering – is to take part in relational containers where we can receive the teachings and practices in a collective field, breakout to work in triads, and then come back together to explore more of the layered-ness available to be presenced. Our experience, so far in the Inner Guidance Practice Space, is showing us that all inner movements are accentuated in relational containers and transformations can, at times, be instantaneous as we allow ourselves, collectively, to explore beyond the habitual thresholds of awareness and consensual reality, and to validate ourselves in our pioneer inquiries. Relational containers become amplifiers of frequency, generating, through inner combustion, enough energy to fuel a shift and to allow higher-vibrational rates of life to transform us, radically.

The format of the calls

Each call starts with the reading of the chosen practice. The reading is slow, some passages being read twice, so as to allow the words and their frequencies to wash over and infuse us deeply at a cellular level. There are plenty of inquisitive pauses, complemented with music so as to awaken sensitivities during the inner work. After the practice, there is a copious breakout for triad work where practice partners learn to presence and discern different layers and the subtle movements of energy, often underneath the threshold of habitual awareness. Triads then work with a focus question, diving deeper within the layers and going beyond the familiar. We conclude the calls with a plenary and our closing piece is a collective reading, popcorn style, of a section from Book One or Book Two. On Thursday, a short account of the call is posted on the private dedicated Facebook page hosted by Stephen Busby (Guidance for Life on Earth: Teachings and Practices from Inner Guides), bringing forth what arose in our relational space and is seeking expression in word-forms.

The Zoom room is open 15 minutes before the starting time and we gather in silence, all mikes turned off, enjoying some gentle meditative music so as to enter the first part, the practice, from a place of stillness and heightened receptivity. Sections from the Books are read by the hosts.

Co-hosts are Pat Fleming, Agnethe Steineger and Dave Schoof.


The calls are free and open to all who are curious to practice with the material and meet other companions in this field of work. They are particularly suited for new comers to this field so that they may get a taste of the material and how to work with it in relational spaces.

If you want to receive more information about these calls, you can subscribe to the mailing list by contacting me here. You will receive a weekly mail on Tuesday announcing the practice of the forthcoming call, complete with the Zoom link and the time when the call starts according to different time zones.

About the cycles

The cycles bring together between 5 and 9 practices from Book One and Book Two.   The practices are selected for the qualities of the questions and how they support our inquiries and relational practices. As suggested by the inner guides, through practicing in relational spaces, we will get a glimpse at ‘Who and What we are’ beyond what we know and believe to know about ourselves.

Each thematic cycle is followed by a 3-hour online workshop on the Saturday after the last Wednesday. There is a participation fee and 1/3 of the amount goes towards supporting the publication of Book Three due in 2021.

Three cycles have been programmed:

  1. De-Cluttering. Five Sessions for Clearing Energetic Residues — 6 January – 3 February 2021
  2. The Inner Activist. Living According to Resonance. Seven Sessions for Claiming Sovereignty and Agency — 10 February – 24 March 2021
  3. Birthing Selfhood. Nine Sessions for Learning to Become Fully Human — 31 March – 26 May 2021


Audio recordings

You can purchase recordings of the practices of each thematic cycle complete with study material. 50% of what you pay is donated to support publication of Book Three due in 2021. A price range is suggested. Access to recordings will be exclusively limited to participants taking part in the Wednesday call as a resource to deepen work and practices in this field. They should not be used, sent or circulated in any way outside of the membership of the Wednesday Inner Guidance Practice Space.

Some recordings are open to the general public.

Contact me if you are interested in acquiring any of the following recordings and/or study material.

The Inner Activist: 7 Sessions for Claiming Sovereignty and Agency – A package including the audio recordings of the 7 practices and study material. Suggested donation: between 50 and 100 EUR/GBP/USD

De-cluttering: 5 sessions for clearing energetic residues – A package including the audio recordings of the 5 practices and study material. Suggested donation: between 50 and 100 EUR/GBP/USD

Wednesday 23 December 2020 – Special Christmas Edition: Nine lessons and Carols & Selected Readings from Book One complete with the texts read and playlist. Open access. Suggested donation: between 20 and 50 EUR/GBP/USD

Nine Yuletide Gatherings – A collection of poems and insights with playlist. No audio recording. Open access. Suggested donation: between 10 and 20 EUR/GBP/USD