Integral Coaching

Bespoke Itineraries for Expanding into Wholeness

I offer one-to-one online sessions working with the practices in the Guidance for Life on Earth  books.

I start with a free 60-minute exploratory call for uncovering your greater purpose and designing the itinerary. This first call will bring us both to a place where we are on-purpose and in-frequency. I am then enabled to be of service to your highest potential and to attune to the path being shown to me by my inner guides. They will suggest a number of sessions and the practices to be considered.

The practices offer an entry point so that we may explore your question or line of inquiry from a fresh stance, recognising familiar patterns, diving through the layers until we land into a spacious place of inner calm and knowing: a place where we know ourselves in selfhood and are connected to Source.

The practices may lead us to further venture into the material in the Guidance for Life on Earth books or signpost other perspectives, which I will weave into our sessions accordingly.

As a principle, we allow whatever and however life is arising within to be, generously embracing all that presents itself to our loving awareness. The purpose of all transformational work is to acknowledge those parts in us which are split off, fragmented or numbed out.

Also, as another principle, we explore ourselves as not being victims of circumstances. This enables us open up to inner spaces of curiosity and alternate frames of reality which immediately become available when we let go of any belief or attachment to the idea that we are tangled up in victim-perpetrator energies and need to address this primarily.

In relational spaces, we begin to recognise our inner structuring, acknowledging and celebrating the wisdom and effectiveness of all the inner structures of the personality. We can then welcome those parts back home within, thereby igniting an integration process, which draws on the highest frequencies of consciousness available to us through our sovereign selfhood.

In celebration of all life and our open heart-centres, we move further along our path to selfhood and embodied realisation.


A session lasts 60 minutes and costs 700 DKK (90 Euros)

  • 5% reduction for 5 sessions
  • 10% reduction for 10 sessions

Contact me to set up your exploratory call. I look forward to designing our journey together.