Listening with Curiosity and Compassion

Dialogues with the Unknown

Spiritual Maturity

Our spiritual awakening, be it individual or collective, is a path paved with a flurry of disruptive moments: largescale life-threatening crises, massive upheavals followed by systemic collapses, passages through the various valleys of shadow etched into our inner landscapes. All these catalytic moments and events bear the fruits of deep life-giving transformation, if only we can stay there, and wait until the initial confusion and disorientation dissipates. The notion that we move through our breakdowns towards our breakthroughs sounds like a much-repeated platitude. Nonetheless, it is true.

This truth summons us to a practice of deep inner listening from the place of curiosity, compassion and enduring love that we experience in stillness and contemplation.  Paradoxically, it is not a solitary pursuit, a retreat from life and its challenging circumstances. It becomes all the more relevant and life-giving as we develop our capacities for authentic relatedness and harness the highest form of love that is compassion. Everything unfolds easefully and gracefully when we can call on faithful companions and benefit from an accompaniment which offers suitable mirroring. For our breakdowns to morph into breakthroughs, we all need to receive customised guidance and information on who we are, what our greater purpose in life is, and what our potential is.


Unconditional Availability

We need courage and strength, but also perseverance and commitment to engage deeply with everything that presents itself to us, however painful or distressing. Our pausing and staying, listening and breathing, is crucial when we find ourselves stuck in the pit of our breakdowns and the trenches of our deepest despair where we feel utterly lonely, confused and disconnected from self, others and the greater realms of consciousness.

Daring to stay with our excruciatingly painful experiences is not an act of selfishness driven by self-absorption. Quite the contrary: it is a gift to humanity when accomplished from a place of loving presence.  It is by staying and moving through the individual, the singular, however terrifying and dramatic, that we open up to the principles of universalising. We then enter the unified field of consciousness and draw upon the rich repertoire of knowledge, wisdom and tools available to us in our collective psyche. This is what it means to do one’s work on behalf of the whole.


Inner Work, Intuitive Voice

Based on my own experiences of moving through breakdowns, I recognise that intuitive knowledge and contemplation are the most powerful tools we can draw upon for charting our odyssey with wholeness and claiming our sovereign selfhood. My intention is to accompany you along your odyssey and to support you in harvesting the qualities summoned and the capacities developed as you move through the pathways to selfhood.

Put simply, I endear you to open to your own inner voice and trust the intelligences and wisdom available to you from you higher Self, your True Self in love, or however you name this alternate, larger-than-life version of yourself. She or he is the one providing you with customised protection and guidance for your earthly sojourn. The inner work beckons you to reclaim your sovereign selfhood and initiate a life-giving conversation with the numinous field of consciousness where multiple creative intelligences are only too eager to collaborate with us ‘poor’ humans struggling with the density and jaggedness of life on Earth.


Core Principles

During individual sessions, I encourage us both to receive ourselves tenderly and to become compassionate observers of our experience whilst being fully immersed in whatever presents itself to us in the relational space, however distressful. These are the principles I invoke for upholding beneficial inner work.

  • We make the sovereign choice to behold rather than begrudge the life circumstances we are called to bear witness to.
  • It is by being and staying with the suffering and the pain – and not over-identifying with the personal circumstances – that we can stand in solidarity with the crises or dramatic circumstances of humanity.
  • We are willing to surrender to the naked and move towards the void. We do so by holding, tightly in our heart, the paradoxes bewildering us.
  • We consent to let go of the familiar and to step into what some mystics name the cloud of unknowing.

I mainly use storytelling to accompany us along the journey. I might also recommend constellation work, tarot reading, imagery and archetypal psychology to deepen the inquiry – and the capacity to stay with! In my experience, these tools steer us away from abstractions and mentalisations and provide fruitful connections with our collective wisdom and psyche.

My intention is to bring into your reality and awareness all the tools and skillsets available to you, as part of your human inheritance, and to assist you in seeding them in your inner landscape.


Alternate States of Consciousness

As we move through the developmental stages of consciousness, we broaden our experiences within a vast range of states of consciousness. Many of those are known to us humans as alternate states of consciousness which can both arise spontaneously or be induced by psychedelic products.

I have a particular interest in the alternate states of consciousness of which we know so little (autism, dementia, loss of memory) and tend to dismiss as being highly dysfunctional. What if they were crucial steps in the unfoldment of consciousness? What if their purpose is to open up our senses and sensory faculties so that we become more porous to wholeness?

This is why I am particularly interested in experiences of overwhelm and underwhelm, attention deficit, all states of consciousness classified as dementia, or any other cognitive impairment that impacts our engagement with life and the way we relate to each other.

Do not hesitate to contact me if these are areas you would like to explore for yourself or for a life-partner.


Purpose of our Calls

There may be many reasons you decide to work with me, some known and others in emergence. There are a few basics that always surface during the work on our odyssey with wholeness. They help us apprehend the evolutionary stages of our lifetime and get a broader sense of where we are on the pathways to selfhood, and what might be getting in the way of easeful transitions! Our explorations will most likely cover one or several of the following aspects.

  • Identifying and naming your deepest longing, the lifeforces that ignite your impetus to become, your desire to belong and your drive for unity
  • Responding to the next call and stepping into the unknown
  • Assessing the qualities and capacities developed throughout your life: claiming and affirming these.
  • Exploring your purpose and your gifts – who you are now at this stage of your life – and what your potential is for your next dispensation of life, your unfoldment into wholeness of selfhood
  • Releasing the structures and behavioural patterns, the assumptions and beliefs that are ready to drop away
  • Giving voice to the repressed and suppressed aspects of yourself, integrating them, and allowing the lifeforces to arise afresh liberated of the binds
  • Accessing the wider repertoire of knowledge and wisdom, downloading information and curating sovereign creatorship
  • Working on relational co-dependency and overadjustment


Session Format

An individual session is a 60-minute one-to-one online call or in-person meeting.

Online calls are done on the videoconferencing platform Zoom. In-person meetings take place in my home on the island of Bornholm in Denmark, or elsewhere if I happen to be travelling and in your area.

The price of an individual session covers the time spent together (face-to-face or online). Extra time for writing reports, reading material, doing additional research work, etc. is charged separately and agreed upon in advance.

Please take some time to read my Terms of service: you will find out more about me and how I work. The document presents the principles that help provide a safe container and an effective framework for our work together. It contains an important disclaimer and specifies our mutual responsibilities in particular regarding confidentiality. When booking a session, I expect you to acknowledge having read and accepted the terms and conditions. Thank you.


Booking a Session

Let’s start with a complimentary 30-minute call to establish what your interests are and how we can work together. Send me your request with a few options as to when we can meet. I will get back to you confirming date and time, and with the generic Zoom link.

After the introductory call, all other sessions are confirmed after payment. You will be directed to a scheduler for booking your sessions(s) and issued a personal Zoom link.

The day before the call, I will send you a confirmation email with the date, the time and your personal Zoom link. You are responsible for requesting any changes in dates and times that you require.

There is no refund if you do not turn up for a session once the confirmation email has been sent out. No shows will be accounted for if you have purchased a package.



Single session: 680,00 kr.

Package of 5 session (5% discount) valid for 6 months as from the first session: 3.230,00 kr.

Package of 10 session (10% discount) valid for 12 months as from the first session: 6.120,00 kr.