Integration and Embodied Realisation

Saturday 22 May 2021

Conscious Intent for the Workshop

In the nine sessions of the final cycle of Wednesday gatherings – Birthing Selfhood – we are focusing on becoming fully human and embodying, ever more, the qualities of Love and Trust which we experience as we welcome each other in the wholeness of ourselves.

We have been exploring the depths and width of our inner reality, learning to welcome and embrace life’s arising within us and to offer ourselves, generously and unapologetically, to our world work.

Over the past 12 months, our relational container has become an extraordinary amplifier of frequency generating, through inner combustion, enough energy to fuel the dimensional shifts awaiting us. Here, we affirm ourselves as higher-vibrational expressions of life in service to a greater purpose, the expansion of unified consciousness.

As a completion of this cycle and to crown a year of weekly gatherings dedicated to transforming the world from within, there will be a 3-hour online workshop on Saturday 22 May 2021 to support  integration and embodied realisation of our world work.

We will be working with Practice 21. Loving Yourself Beyond Belief and Practice 25. Receiving Yourself in Love, from Book Two, learning to dismantle, with utmost kindness and love, the belief systems that hinder us in the expansion into the wholeness of who and what we are, our sovereign selfhood.

“I am a wholly beautiful expression of life and love arising.” (p. 225)

I am of absolute validity, exactly as I am, in all those aspects of surface and deeper within.” (p. 256)

Date and Times

Saturday 22 May 2021 starting at

  • 8.00 Pacific – 9.00 Mountain – 10.00 Central – 11.00 Eastern
  • 16.00 UK – 17.00 Central Europe


Workshop Fees

Please attune to the tiered pricing below and select the price that feels appropriate for you. One third of your financial contribution will be donated towards publication of Book Three due in 2021. Your generosity will be much appreciated.

Payment will be made in Danish Crowns (DKK), using PayPal.

60 EUR – 90 EUR – 120 EUR

450 DKK – 675 DKK – 900 DKK


Contact me and/or send your contribution, via PayPal, to

Once payment is completed, you will receive the Zoom link and a receipt.


Conditions of participation

Ideally, you have taken part in one of the 9 sessions of the Birthing Selfhood  cycle and are familiar with the material in Book Two, although this need not be a strict condition. More important is that you can be in a quiet space while taking part in the workshop where you will not be disturbed during the 3 hours. Furthermore, in order to ensure the higher-vibrational quality of our space, we will need to attend to audio and visual qualities, being clearly visible on the screen, using good-quality microphones and attending the call preferably from a computer.

Participants will receive a recording of the session as a resource to deepen their practice. We are encouraged by the inner guides to report and share about our experience in the Facebook group dedicated to the Guidance for Life on Earth series. Highlights will be posted on the group page which can be commented, bearing witness to the ever-unfolding movements of life as we continue to fulfil our highest purpose and embody our sovereign selfhood.