New Beginnings

New beginnings! Really? Not a very original title for this post. Here we are preparing the Christmas celebrations, about to close up on 2019 and welcome in the New Year. You probably cannot escape the numerous biddings woven into seasonal greetings inviting us to enter the next decade of the 21st century with a fresh perspective and to embrace transformations and changes. I certainly seem to be constantly bumping into them and, for once, they feel apt to the point that I cannot help greeting them with a big smile, my heart celebrating all the transformations accomplished throughout the year. The renovation work on our farm house is almost finished and we have started to furnish the rooms preparing to host our first event on the winter solstice and to gather a few guests around us to see the New Year in.

2019 has been a year of deep transformations leading to important changes. The conversion work on the farm house has been a major piece of the past year. As I wander around the house in wonder, taking in the last 13 months of work, I remember when I first shared with John my vision of creating a retreat centre, a place to live and work from. We spent much time dreaming into this vision as we cruised Northern Scotland during summer 2016. And here we are, three years later, with a beautiful house set in the open fields of North East Bornholm complete with guest lodge and a spacious open room for hosting retreats. I am deeply moved by what we have created with the help of all the workmen who have become important contributors to the project taking pride in their work. I am in awe at the power of my vision and my determination to manifest it. All who walk into the house immediately sense the potency of the house and, without being able to put many words to it, the scope of the work that will ripple out into the world from this power point on the island of Bornholm in the Baltic sea. We have birthed something and seeded within ourselves the energies that will flourish over the coming years. John and I both feel that we have become different people through this project, and we look forward to discovering who we have become and how we are going to walk in life into the world, transformed and ready for the fresh and the new.

Our first event will be the celebration of the winter solstice with the Findhorn tradition of picking an angel. We will have an open house over the 3rd advent weekend allowing people to view the results of the renovation work and, if they choose to do so, to pick an angel for 2020. Both the angel picking and the possibility to be nosy and look around will probably attract many before we have an official home warming party in spring.  A few Scandinavian friends will join us for the New Year celebrations when we will be offering the house to the world fostering the inner changes that we are called to embrace fully.

Other significant transformations came with our marriage. I changed my name letting go of my previous husband’s surname (Rege Colet) and went through all the steps of changing my identity. Interestingly this proved to be quite a hassle as I ploughed through administrative complexities and the uncertainties of the Brexit. I’ll spare you the details of my administrative meanders; they could easily fill up a chapter in a book with an evocative title, Settling down in Denmark, an ongoing unsettling experience.  Again, my determination with a streak of stubbornness has been rewarded; the change of name is complete and all my ID documents now bear my new name, Christensen-Johnson, the last pieces my Swiss passport and ID card having just come through, 10 months after our marriage.

The unexpected development of the year has been my commitment to work on a book. I don’t think that I had really planned this book. It organically unfolded from the editing work I was doing on written material produced during a training programme in higher consciousness I took part in. The purpose of the distillation work I did over the summer was to unravel the principles behind the work in higher consciousness. The more I worked on the material, the more engrossed I became with the core principles, the essence of higher consciousness and the framework of postmodern metaphysics. I avidly devoured books on the nature and development of consciousness, dived into various traditions of spiritual growth and explored the many routes of transformational work. I could feel my enthusiasm growing each day, with each reading and discovery and, after years of academic ‘publish-or-perish’ pressure, I rediscovered the pure joy of writing and weaving together the many threads that I encounter in my explorations. The title of the book is A Pathway to Selfhood; it brings together my life experiences in deep transformation work and suggests a pathway in 7 phases supporting growth from the personality to the whole self, or Selfhood. Writing is going well and should accompany me over the winter months. This book is truly a new beginning for me opening up new perspectives and allowing me to return to a point of origin that I overlooked for many years, my spirituality, and to find my true voice and new forms of expression.

Today is John’s birthday and we will shortly be celebrating him with our first meal in the new kitchen. What a wonderful way to open the house as we listen to the beautiful music flowing out of his new customised loud speakers with two candles lit on the advent wreath. So many new beginnings are unfolding each day. May our work be blessed at the very highest level and may we all welcome playfulness and clarity as we continue our transformational journeys.