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What goes around comes around

Transformational work is not a luxurious commodity reserved for the enlightened elite. It is our gift towards building a sustainable world with caring communities committed to exploring the human agenda of the future. For this reason, we take care to apply low prices not taking in more than we need to live the simple life we yearn for on Bornholm. We also stand for sharing the resources available in this field of work with people who feel called to take part in an event we host. We wouldn’t want anyone to renounce taking part in a programme for financial reasons. We encourage those of you who might be in this case to contact us since we do have a bursary fund and we enjoy looking into the many creative ways of contributing.

We also practice gift-economy and, if you feel called to support our work, you can gift an amount of money that will go into the bursary fund, making it possible for people, who otherwise would not be able to participate, to join in a programme. Experience has repeatedly shown us that this is a valuable way of engaging in deep transformational work and practising the core principles and values of living wholeness.

All prices are VAT inclusive and in Danish Crowns (DKK) with an indication of the equivalent in euro. For some options (constellation of archetypal energy & wholeness roadmap) we apply a pricing scale depending on your resources and/or the nature of your inquiry.

All options are paid in advance in Danish Crowns as a way of confirming your commitment and/or your place on a programme. Danish residents can pay using various methods (billing, bank payment, mobile pay). Non-Danish resident may use bank transfer (TransferWise) or PayPal making sure to include the transfer fees on the sender side. Access to the chosen programme is only possible when payment has been received.




Constellation archetypal energy 1.200,00 200,00
Wholeness roadmap 4.000,00 500,00
We-Space experiment (5 days) 5.000,00 650,00
Workshop (6 days) 5.600,00 750,00
Individual session 650,00 90,00
Package of 5 individual sessions 3.050,00 430,00
Package of 10 individual sessions 5.850,00 810,00
Living Wholeness Online 2.500,00 330,00
Accommodation, per night and per person New prices in 2020  
Rentals New prices in 2020  
Editorial work On demand