Pathways to Selfhood

Embodying Higher Frequencies of Consciousness

Book Two – Pathways to Selfhood – reveals the paths we ramble along as we unfurl into selfhood. We are presented with several options at different choice-points in life. There is no longer a singular path to selfhood, but a multitude of pathways, plural, merging and criss-crossing.

In this book I bring my loving attention to the birthing of selfhood, as an ever-unfolding process of embodiment of higher frequencies of consciousness. I also explore, within the arc of life, the sweeping movements we go through as we welcome more of life within ourselves and begin to emanate at a higher vibratory rate of life.

I invite the reader to discover the eight phases, or larger movements, which are constitutive of the transformational journey to selfhood: (1) choosing, (2) consenting, (3) expanding, (4) clearing, (5) awakening, (6) surrendering, (7) enacting and (8) worlding.

Our journey to selfhood is, in no way, a linear process. There is no incremental itinerary, where we would fulfil the requirements of one stage before moving on to the next having successfully passed the test. We soon realise that our journey of integration and embodied realisation involves a lot of comings-and-goings, backward and forward movements, as we slip back into former habits, or venture into more expansive frames of reference.

At times, we might even get a sense of the overlapping of all the movements of life arising, a multidimensional experience of self, which we would find difficult to pin point on the map to wholeness from a three-dimensional perspective. Here, we can climb down from the ladder we took to heave ourselves out from egoic consciousness. We will have dismantled our beliefs in a sequential and incremental path of self-realisation, and, as a consequence, we will be ready to step into the uncharted terrains of higher consciousness.

Book Two is still very much ‘work in progress’, much of which is about unravelling the arc of life and revealing, from a multidimensional perspective, the underlying order and structure within the expanded landscape of higher consciousness. This involves charting life-trajectories and curricula within a composite frame of reference.

Drawing upon sacred geometry and chiastic structures, I am uncovering the inner structuring of each of the eight movements of our pathways to selfhood. In the same way, tapping into the power of circles and labyrinths, I am designing routes conveying our expansion into wholeness leading to the tipping point where we dissolve into wholeness and become one with Source.