Our guiding principles

Magical hygge and trusting in the power of love

Four core values

We are currently working with four key values that exemplify what we feel is the essence of Yggdrasil Living Wholeness: 1) Wholeness, 2) Inclusiveness, 3) Simplicity and 4) Sustainability.  

Our purpose is to become a beacon radiating these qualities, and to provide a space to explore what it means to live in wholeness and to show up in life from these four core values. In order to do so, we recommend slowing down and nurturing stillness, not only to step out of unconscious patterns that are running our lives, but also to listen and to get in contact with the pulse and breath of life that is coming through us, always available, just waiting for us to tap into and to be fully embodied.

The art of Hygge

Since we are in Denmark – said to be one of the happiest countries in the world – we enjoy Hygge. What is Hygge? According to Meik Wiking of the Happiness Research Institute in Denmark, practising Hygge is the key to long-lasting happiness and improving the quality of life. Hygge means more than simply cosiness. It means creating intimacy, courting the soul, and taking pleasure in the simple things that bring a deep sense of well-being and the satisfaction of being held in togetherness. The qualities of love and joy – love what we are doing and doing what we love, and being joyful beings – contribute to spreading the spirit of Hygge and making sure a lot of people catch it.

Trusting the process and honouring safe containers

We acknowledge the importance of surrendering to transformation and trusting the outcomes however unexpected they might be or the paths we are invited to follow. We are committed to holding open spaces with a loose structure, settings that can become a safe container for meeting whatever arises and lands along the journey. In this space, we can take ownership for what is alive in us and take responsibility for the way we show up in life, relate with others and embrace we-ness. With this we can stand in the collective space of humanity and claim our place.

Additional information

The following documents give more detailed information on our 1) terms and conditions, 2) the practice agreements for being together and supporting collaborative work, and 3) the house rules for guests and visitors at Yggdrasil Living Wholeness.  

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Practice Agreements 2019

House Rules 2019