A Trilogy Exploring My Quest for Wholeness

In spring 2020, I had put together a manuscript – A Path to Selfhood, the purpose of which was to describe the transformational journey that hauls us out from under the debris of the fragmented personality, and propels us towards our sovereign selfhood. In this integrative piece, I was attempting to pave a pathway based on my life experience, and the experiential knowledge acquired as I walked my own life-trajectory amidst a jumble of worldly circumstances and dramatic phenomena. I was hoping to provide readers with the equivalent of a guidebook for navigating the journey into the realms of higher frequencies of consciousness, and to supply those bearings that I had sorely missed, each time I went through a cataclysmic upheaval.

In this first iteration, I was focussing on one path, singular, whilst acknowledging the possibilities of alternate paths. The path reviewed my own experience and my engagement with material and streams of wisdom from many mystical traditions.

I asked five readers to have a first look at the manuscript, and they all provided me with useful feedback, celebrating the depth of content as well as my shots at making complexity apprehensible by suggesting an itinerary through the multilayered-ness of life, identifying the stages we need to go through and capturing some of the core lessons of our life-curriculum. “A book of beauty as it is”, was the most glowing comment.

Although the work I had carried out had helped me dismantle most of my scientific habits, there were still some residues sticking fiercely. The material was dense and, in some parts, very tightly compacted. There were, for instance, many autobiographical references which could, in themselves, be plucked out to form a line of inquiry.

The path which, at that stage, described seven phases looked satisfactory, at first glance, but did not feel complete, as if some essential part was missing. Unless it was the way the path had been mapped out to suggest an itinerary.

Furthermore, the epistemological framing definitely needed to be fleshed out. In its first expression it looked emaciated, lacking in boldness and audacity, reminiscent of the scholarly pieces of work I knew so well.

It was definitely time to leave things to rest and to allow the collated material to further mature. I intuited that more distillation work would be needed and, at first, I was reluctant to pull apart the manuscript and to let go of my habits. Nonetheless, I knew that there was value in waiting, and that I would be shown the next steps. Slowly and surely, they arose naturally and effortlessly suggesting, as a first step, to remove the autobiographical elements. These parts were overshadowing the main piece, the unravelling of the pathways to selfhood. I was to focus, directly and unequivocally, on the transformational journey in an unadorned way, taking out the padding which was diluting the principles uncovered. Then, as often is the case, life provided me with the perfect circumstances and all the support I needed to rework the manuscript.

Within short, I realised that the first manuscript was to cleave into three books. These are the three books, now a trilogy, which unpack my quest for unity and my ever-unfolding inner journey to the wholeness of myself, my sovereign selfhood.

The Trilogy