The Scholar’s Companion

Curating a scholarly piece of work

I am an experienced doctoral supervisor, and I have spent many years helping students draw out ideas and put together a scholarly piece of work that will then become their master or doctoral dissertation. I have had the privilege of supporting students who believed they could not write, and never would be able to. I have learned a lot from them.

I am now able to guide, even the most doubtful scholars, over the hurdles of scientific writing and beyond the rule of ‘publish or perish’, to find joy in expressing their ideas and sharing their passions about their research work. I offer counselling for structuring, writing and submitting scientific papers, dissertations, monographs and edited books in peer reviewed collections, drawing out what is meaningful and purposeful to share within larger communities.

During my academic career, I was very involved in the world of scientific publication, first as a reviewer providing feedback and comments to help authors shape their ideas and hone their writing skills, then as an editor supervising peer reviewed journals and collections, helping people and communities make the shift towards online publications and use of open source tools.

I assist individuals and collectives in cohering and bringing together their  work  drawing on the wide range of editorial and production skills I acquired over the years.

I work in English, French and Italian and can offer expert assistance with translations.


  • Coaching sessions (60 min): 750,00 DKK (5% reduction for 5 sessions, 10% reduction for 10 sessions)
  • Manuscript assessment: 400,00 DKK/hour
  • Reviewing and preparing scientific papers: 550,00 DKK/hour
  • Proofreading: 350,00 DKK/hour
  • Light editing with proofreading and basic layout: 350,00 DKK/hour
  • Extensive editing with re-writing of sections: 550,00 DKK/hour
  • Indexing: 650,00 DKK/hour
  • Referencing: 600,00 DKK/hour
  • Translating: 650,00 DKK/hour
  • Manuscript layout for publication: 350,00 DKK/hour
  • Book cover: 450,00 DKK/hour

However you choose to work with me, we will set up an agreement in which we affirm the terms of our collaborative processes and individual responsibilities and, more importantly, what we are invoking together in terms of deliverables and collaboration.