A month ago, in the community centre of Findhorn, I overheard a discussion about chakra points on islands. Living myself on an island I immediately joined in the conversation to find out more about island chakras and what Yggdrasil Living Wholeness could offer in terms of chakra healing work through contact with nature. I was told that each island holds the seven chakra centres and to locate them I needed to progress from South to North. It was then suggested to find walks in the areas according to where the blocked energy might be and the particular chakra that needed releasing.

As I was soaking all this up I could immediately sense where the seven chakra of Bornholm are for me, based on my first experiences of exploring the landscape and uncovering mesmerising walks. For instance, the symbol of Østerlars, the village we live close to, is the heart. This is obviously the heart chakra, and the walk that I had been taking daily all through August was where I was connecting to my heart centre as I settled down in my new homeland. All I needed to do was to work down to the South and up to the North to pin down the other six chakra centres and their walks.

When I got back home I checked out places and drew up a map of my seven-chakra walks on Bornholm. This is, of course, my reading and it is quite likely that others might have other suggestions or locations. This is what works for me and helps me work on particular issues. My first months on the island I have intuitively found where to go walking according to what is moving through me and also what pace is needed between slowing down or speeding up, something to do about the tempo and the energies flowing through. Touching the specific chakra point and wearing the colour seem to enhance the healing qualities of these chakra walks.

Here is my map with a brief description of each location and walk. I am looking forward to sharing them with our visitors and to hear what they do for others.

1. Root chakra: Dueodde White Sand Beach

The South-East part of Bornhom is well known for it long beach of white sand that stretches from Balka to Sømark, the most seek out of spots being Dueodde. The soft white sands are an invitation to slow down and to adapt the pace to the ever-moving landscape as the winds and the water blow away old structures to reveal new ones. A wonderful place for practising stability, strength and grounding as we let our feet grow into the sand and our sense of safety and protectiveness expand.

2. Sacral chakra: Hans Rømer Park at the heart of Almindingen forest

Almindingen is the fifth largest forest in Denmark. It was formerly grazing land for cattle and in the 19th century Hans Rømer, the forest supervisor, enclosed the land and cultivated the forest in order to provide Denmark and the King with wood, emancipating Denmark from wood produced by the neighbouring rival kingdom of Sweden. In the middle of the forest there is a beautiful clearing with a luscious grass meadow and a few trees to rest under or to meditate. Benches and tables provide graceful picnic sports. The meadow also has a memorial to Hans Rømer and his contribution to Bornholm. This is a perfect spot to slow down and to soak up the vibrations of well-being, pleasure, abundance and connectedness that permeate the park inviting us, at all seasons, to appreciate the beauty of nature and the creativity of mankind.

3. Solar plexus chakra: The standing stones of Louisenlund

Louisenlund, the largest collection of megaliths in Denmark, holds 50 standing stones surrounded by majestic Beech trees, the mother of trees and the Queen to the King Oak tree. It is a wonderful place to bike or walk to, and then to be swept away by the strength of the presence of both the stones and the trees. Mineral and vegetal mingle to bring us vitality and boost our sense of self-worth and self-confidence. Spending time in the small wood is like taking a Jacuzzi that will leave us feeling worthy and self-empowered.

4. Heart chakra: The Kobbeåen trail from Østerlars to Melsted

Østerlars boasts one of the four round churches of Bornholm. There is a delightful walk from the church leading down to the Baltic Sea and a small cove South of Melsted. The trail follows a stream and starts by a waterfall protected by majestic Oak trees rising amongst huge boulders of granite. The place is said to hold a strong feminine energy with a powerful connection to Mother Earth. Walking down to the sea, skipping along the stream and over the stones always brings back a childlike sense of joyfulness combined with a mature sense of inner peace. This walk invites us to practice the many ways to love and to be loved and, at the end, to be met by the unconditional love of Mother Ocean for an embracing dive into the sea.

Throat chakra: Rø woodlands

The woodlands of Rø are just North of Yggdrasil Living Wholeness and we have found a circular walk, which puts us in contact with all the species of trees that have been planted on the Island. The walk starts by a long and narrow pond with water lilies. It takes us through stately Pine trees, clusters of grounded oak trees, majestic beech trees and last of all se birch trees. Along the path there are several opportunities to stop and take some time to communicate with the trees or other spirits from the invisible realms. I always enjoy singing out aloud and watching the sunlight dancing among the leaves and branches onto the vibrant mosses that carpet the ground. Whatever the pace these meditative and chanting walks support self-expression and voicing inner truths.

6. Third eye chakra: The Opal lake close to Sandvig

The Northern part of Bornholm is known for its granite and its almost alpine configuration that is very reminiscent of Scotland, heather, sheep and highland cattle included. Just West of Sandvig village are the former granite quarries, now two biggish lakes below and two smaller ones above in the rocky formations on top of the hill crowned by the Hammer lighthouse. The bigger ones are a beautiful opal colour and the two smaller ones are crystal clear. Dipping two fingers into the Crystal Lake and putting the water on the third eye is like accepting a blessing from the island. The landscape around the lighthouse offers a labyrinth of big stones, bushes and trees mirroring, as we walk through the, the movements of going within and connecting to inner knowledge, intuition and inner wisdom. Looking out to sea from the lighthouse we can see the bigger picture and into the emerging future.

7. Crown chakra: Finnenakke bay on the Northern tip of Bornholm

On the Northern tip of Bornholm there is another lighthouse, Hammerode. A pleasant walk starting North of Sandvig takes us around the tip of the island towards Salomon’s chapel a catholic house of worship that has not survived the Reformation. It now stands bare and in ruins watching the highland cattle pasture and the merchant ships cruise the waves and winds of the Baltic Sea. Nevertheless the spiritual energies linger on and it is a peaceful place to rest within. The crown chakra in Finnenakke bay is just before Salomon’s chapel coming from the lighthouse. This is where people indulge in rock stacking and building stone piles that never survive neither the strong winds that blow over the island nor the big waves that hit the stone beach. Amongst the rocky formations stones have been laid down in close semicircles evoking either a Greek theatre or a labyrinth. People often come to meditate on the rocks overlooking the sea, a place to enjoy inner and outer beauty and to hone spiritual connections or to explore devotional practices.