Embracing wholeness, experiencing healing and expanding our awareness

June 2019

Yggdrasil Living Wholeness offers a perfect sanctuary for today’s world. The concentrated environment of presence and spaciousness that Nicky and John maintain as individuals is reflected in the we-space environment they create. Visionary centres of this calibre are valuable resources for anyone seeking to explore depth in community. 

With gratitude, Laura Madsen lauramadsen.ca

I felt an inner relaxation at Yggdrasil immediately upon arrival, which allowed me to regain contact with deeper parts myself. Nicky and John create a wonderful space for slowing down and turning inwards. During and after my stay there, I felt a deep stillness. I look forward to returning!


March 2019

Nicola and John provide a lovely warm welcome, and a warm hug if you need one! In their hearts they know what Hygge means, and their home and hosting reflect it. 

From the moment I stepped on the island, landing at the cosy airport in Rønne, then arriving at Nicky and John’s house, everything was perfectly disposed to aid stillness. The weather on the island, the silence of the house, the way the light was enveloping us and how the sun would break through clouds in our first meditation together. All of this was like a blanket being laid on me, like a nod that I had come to the right place at the right time, and I could just feel and hear the wood in the house doing its cradling, feeling the old structures being bathed in newness and ready to host, to welcome, to nurture. The same can be said of the land, who was like an extension of the house, and equally facilitated the depth of work that became possible. I am so grateful that Nicky and John set out on this journey and have dreamt this place into being, and my heart looks forward to coming back, perhaps in a different season, for more nourishment…

July 2018

We spent a memorable week exploring Bornholm, a slow tempo retreat for mind and body, with our gracious hosts, John and Nicola. Françoise and I pitched our tent under the shade of a maple tree in a nook in the garden to benefit from the refreshing breezes of “tropical” Bornholm.

A week with John and Nicola also allowed us to better assimilate the Danish concept of “Hygge”, a well-being inspired and intentionally cultivated by the attention to the small, simple pleasures and to detail. Appreciating the beauty of life. We left the island grounded, leaving our conversations suspended on essential questions of life. A magical week, a gift to treasure and share.

December 2017

Thank you for the beautiful stay in Yggdrasil. This is indeed a very wholesome place. It provides all that it promises and some more. Nicky and John are excellent hosts and they are inviting into a co-creative space, which feels supportive and light. The spirit of the island Bornholm seems to support the whole project with its quality of wholeness. I experienced deep healing in a current process mostly through just being in this loving place. The surrounding nature is powerful: many interesting and often breath-taking places can be visited by foot, by bicycle or by car.