The Sixth Scenario: Working with Worldly Scenarios

Writing the Sixth Scenario

In Book Two of Guidance for Life on Earth, Practice 5 (pp. 55-60) introduces us to worldly scenarios which help us presence the arising of life, within.  The practice comprises three parts. In the first part we are invited to take in the stories of five scenarios as if they were our own. The second part offers questions for further embracing and participating in the scenarios, questions that are ideally explored with practice-companions. Finally, the third part summons us to compose a similar scenario based on our current life-circumstances. This is precisely what we will be doing on this learning journey.

Each of us will write his or her sixth scenario, in whatever language feels appropriate, and we will share our stories in practice spaces. We will learn to frame our life-circumstances in the same way the worldly scenarios are presented, complete with dramatic effects and critical dilemmas. Whilst sharing our stories, we will pay attention to what arises when we read our scenario out aloud, offering our story to the world, and how it is to receive oneself within, when our scenario is read back to us. Furthermore, we will explore the link between receiving ourselves and others, fully, from worldly scenarios and opening up to inner guidance for directing inquiries and embracing choice-points arising on life trajectories.

Logging 5 meetings on a travel plan

The learning path spans over five sessions with practices in dyads/triads between the sessions. We will be working with Practice 5. Partaking of Your World . Here are the specifics for the five sessions:

  • Session 1: Receiving the five scenarios in Practice 5. Partaking of Your World
  • Session 2: Uncovering our ‘First Scenario’
  • Session 3: Sharing and receiving our ‘first scenario’
  • Session 4: Putting together our ‘Sixth Scenario’
  • Session 5: Sharing our ‘Sixth Scenario’


Venturing together into alternate frames of reference

For this first edition, a group of 10 fellow companions has come together and set off on our explorations on Tuesday 13 April 2021 meeting every two weeks. The format is still being dreamed in an ever-unfolding movement so as to serve not only the individual explorers, but also the collective emerging from our commitment to world together. In that respect, all creative impulses are being welcomed, in particular those which nudge us to our edges, breaking through our habits and relational patterns, to cohere collective gatherings from a totally new and fresh perspective, and to be adventurous and daring in our explorations.