The Wholeness Perspective

The contents of Book Three are still in the process of being distilled and curated. Nonetheless the general outline is known and builds up from the materials presented in the first two volumes of Wholeness of Selfhood. The Odyssey of Becoming Fully Human.


A Visionary Journey

Book Three – The Wholeness Perspective – initiates a visionary journey into the cosmology of consciousness unfolding unto itself in a multidimensional universe. It offers in-depth inquiries into the creative intelligences cohering and coalescing wholeness. It undertakes to unpack the principles operating in a unified field of consciousness, or at least what we are able to apprehend of these numinous and transcendent realms from our human perspective.

In order to undertake such a quest, we need to let go of our habitual tools and instruments for apprehending reality. Being an intrepid explorer by nature, and by essence, I am eager to delve into the unchartered territories. I am prepared to stand naked and vulnerable, open and available, willing to allow emergent creativity to sweep me away, mould and shape me into what I know not yet. Therefore Book Three articulates what I have discovered so far on my odyssey with wholeness.


Inhabiting and Dwelling

In wholeness of selfhood – which is not a location, but a state of consciousness – the former tension experienced by all humans between the desire to become and the need to belong dissolves. We are then propelled into a new realm, inclusive by nature, and we begin another odyssey with the pathways to oneness. In these new dimensions the impetus to become and the desire to belong are transmuted into the twofold movement of inhabiting and dwelling. Book Three considers the different localities – or coordinates in wholeness and oneness – of our sovereign selfhood unearthed in the archaeological diggings (Book One. An Archaeology of the Personality) and revealed through the unravelling of the pathways (Book Two. Pathways to Selfhood): inhabiting and dwelling in aloneness; inhabiting and dwelling in land; inhabiting and dwelling in language; inhabiting and dwelling in God.

The contents are presented from the wholeness perspective, hence the title. Based on the templates and chiastic structures yielded through sacred geometry, the work gives voice to what becomes available and apprehensible from the altitude of unitive consciousness beyond the surface reality made of the dualities and oppositions that the operative system of our rational mind favours so dearly. There is so much to receive from emergent creativity! The most powerful lifeforce awaiting us is undeniably the love of breathtaking and heart-breaking proportions which we encounter when we allow our wretchedness to touch and caress us.


A Contemporary Mystery School

The pursuit is scholarly and reflective of the high-level of erudition and scholarship of mystery schools and wisdom traditions. It engenders a collection of essays and dissertations inquiring into the nature and purpose of the following aspects and dimensions.

  • The evolution of consciousness as an unfolding process whereby consciousness unfolds unto itself, implicate order made explicate. Here we look into evolutionary momentum and dispensations of life, expansion and developmental thresholds, and the map towards non-dual consciousness and oneness.
  • The psychological frameworks studying stages and states of consciousness, and more specifically the alternate states of consciousness which currently elude our rational mind: dementia, psychosis, and all forms of neurodiversity and cognitive impairment. These are generally deemed problematic and in need of some form of remediation. What if we were to welcome them as opportunities for the next iteration of consciousness unfolding unto itself? This provides new perspectives for embracing breakdowns and collapses, and staying on prophetic edges.
  • The momentum and energetic thrust of the first and second half of our life using Homer’s epic poems the Iliad and the Odyssey for exposing the narratives woven into life itself and the principles of archetypal psychology and storytelling. The Iliad depicts the Trojan war and the conflicts between the sovereign and the warrior, an archetypal representation of the first half of life composed of conquests and achievements while we figure out our place in life on Earth. The Odyssey follows the story of Odysseus’ journey back home after the Trojan war. It speaks of the journey of the second half of our life, a voyage of spiritual maturity summoning us back home to wholeness, and calling us to eldership as we approach the end of our earthly sojourn.
  • The conversations dwelling in wholeness of selfhood and the mystery of the call that draws us forth. Who is calling us? To what purpose? Who is responding? With what intent?
  • The nature of intimate relationships focusing on authentic relatedness and heart-based conversations, the necessary ingredients for all and any journey – whatever the destination.
  • The principle of embeddedness with the image of the cosmic egg offering an alternative to the linear models of growth and expansion.
  • The universal lifeforce of Love that irrigates the cosmos; committing to the ethics of nonviolence.
  • The principles of sacred geometry for designing templates conducive to receiving materials of a mystical nature. This section contains detailed technical information on: chiastic structures and how they work for unravelling contents and shaping textual forms; fractal motifs and how they are fashioned; seven-based systems, colour schemes and synaesthesia; wordsmithing and the principles forming the word-compositions in Book Two.
  • The qualities summoned and the capacities we can expect to develop once we access and operate from unitive consciousness: the nature of the imaginal realm and its main characteristics; growing second body, our conscious light-filled energy-body; developing second gaze and perceptiveness beyond what the rational mind first perceives and apprehends; the mysticism of inditing, a practice for celebrating and honouring all of creation, all of life on Earth, expressed through our sovereign selfhood and sublime creatorship.