The Wholeness Perspective

A Catalytic Moment

I first came in contact with the material that would become the Guidance for Life on Earth series in February 2020. I was snowbound in a cottage with my husband John and my friend Agnethe. We had planned a week skiing in the Norwegian mountains, a plan that was curtailed by an outstanding snow storm. Stephen Busby had asked me to look at a sample of Book One with the view of editing it. I woke up one night with the wind howling around our cottage imprisoned in the snowdrifts and icicles. I opened my computer and started to read the first 10 sections of Chapter One, ending with the first practice Your World Outside and Your World Within, as One (p. 22). The impact was immediate and astonishingly direct, almost brutal! I was instantaneously turned inside out and upside down, the meteorological disruptions storming outside reflecting the inner upheavals about to unfold as I allowed myself to be transformed by the material. A catalytic moment, indeed, that would change my life in more ways than I could possibly imagine in that first contact. Paradoxically, despite the initial shock upon first encounter, I felt extremely secure and safe within, no doubt because I was braving the wilderness with trusted friends and partners, something to fall back on later when the ride of 2020 would become increasingly bumpy.

Unconditional availability

The following months I was completely engaged with the material as I edited and contributed to the production of Book One, and later Book Two. I was impatient to see the books published so that I could share with others the transformative qualities I was experiencing; the more I absorbed the material, learning to listen and receive my own inner guidance, the more I felt called to put this material at the heart of my life. The restrictions related to the pandemic made sure that I would abide the call and that I would change what needed to be changed in order for me to fulfil my highest purpose in this lifetime. It was clear that I was to cohere practice spaces for diving into the teachings and practices in relational containers; the Inner Guidance Practice Space is the first of its kind.

Inner Guidance & Transformational Work

A year later, I am now fully in contact with my own inner guides, daily receiving an abundance of guidance and suggestions as to how to transform the world from within, drawing on the wisdom nested not only in the books but also in our heart-centres. There is so much that I could say about my inner journey: the awakening to higher frequencies of consciousness; the dissolution of boundaries between outer and inner; what has been remembered and, therefore, returned to origin; the pathway from the personality to sovereign selfhood; clearing and releasing inner structures of fear to discover the fulness of Love; the alchemical process of inner combustion; embodying sovereign love; honouring our collective nature and taking first steps in worldling. Undeniably, throughout my journey with the material, my inner capacities have flourished and expanded, and some of my former skills can now be put to service for the highest purpose, that of the unfolding and embodiment of higher frequencies of consciousness.

A Living Book

When Book One was published, many of the first readers commented that this was no ordinary book – ‘This is a Living Book. One that has a lot to tell us’ – a statement which captures the essence of the Guidance of Life on Earth books. Based on my own experience and my intimate journey with the material, I have decided to consecrate my life to supporting others interested in joining me in this journey where we allow ourselves to be radically transformed from within by the teachings and practices, as we ingest, digest and metabolise them.

Emanation and Sovereign Selfhood

My purpose in this lifetime is to be an educator and a writer. Having worked very closely with the text and having read it out aloud in various sacred locations, I have learned to language differently, tapping into the wisdom so generously shared by the inner guides. I regularly experience instantaneous knowledge, conceptualised wholly, so very different from my former experience as a social scientist striving to conceptualise complex phenomena. The quality of the transmission reflects the purity of my conscious intent. When I read out aloud, I become a conduit for frequencies within the words and within the spaces between the words, and I am learning to emanate these same frequencies in relational spaces with the support of music that opens up our sensitivities, and thereby our receptivity, to higher-vibrational rates of life. I am also learning, through my own writing, to translate what is revealed as whole into sequential word-forms that the personality can apprehend. I am thoroughly enjoying this new arena of languaging, translating and bridging between different dimensions of reality and I am joyfully splashing around in the waters of higher consciousness. I am well aware that I owe the fulness of my being, coming into expression now, through my deep involvement with the material and my unconditional availability to be turned inside out and upside down.

The Potency of Relational Containers

The Guidance for Life on Earth books emphasise that the material amounts to a training in embodying higher frequencies of consciousness. The teachings without the practices are incomplete, and we are therefore encouraged to try out the practices, reading them aloud and recording oneself. Once past this initial stage, we will discover that we cannot do this work on our own, hence the encouragement to seek out partners to set up practice spaces. Working with companions in regular dyads and triads is great in that respect. Better still – we are discovering – is to take part in relational containers where we can receive the teachings and practices in a collective field, breakout to work in triads, and then come back together to explore more of the layered-ness available to be presenced. Experience in the Inner Guidance Practice Space is showing us that all inner movements are accentuated in relational containers and transformations can, at times, be instantaneous as we allow ourselves, collectively, to explore beyond the habitual thresholds of awareness and consensual reality, and to validate ourselves in our pioneer inquiries. Relational containers become amplifiers of frequency, generating, through inner combustion, enough energy to fuel a shift and to allow higher-vibrational rates of life to transform us, radically.

My Work

Join me in my work with the teachings and practices of the Guidance of Life on Earth series and meet other fellow practitioners. Ideally, for a relational container to unfold its full potency, a minimum of 9 people is requested.

  • Workshops: experiencing the potency of a relational container with an extended practice from Book One or Book Two (3 hours)
  • Courses: again, in relational containers, learning journeys with in-depth inquiries into specific themes and their multilayered-ness through selected teachings and practices from Book One and Book Two. Learning paths run over several weeks (4 to 6 depending on the theme and number of practices) and weekly sessions are 2 hours long
  • Words and subtle energy work: powering perceptual shifts through writing techniques that unleash our creativity and support embodiment of our sovereign self
  • Editorial supplements: exploring specific themes through study material
  • Rituals and liturgy: weaving teachings from the Guidance of Life on Earth books into ceremonies, celebrations and blessings
  • Words and music: receiving and transmitting the teachings through chanting traditions

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