The Wholeness Perspective

Working with Higher Frequencies of Consciousness

Book Three – The Wholeness Perspective – gathers the most significant teachings I have received, absorbed and metabolised on my journey to selfhood.

Here, I discuss the big questions and the compelling inquiries I have pursued in my quest for wholeness.

  • What is Higher Consciousness?
  • What is Egoic Consciousness?
  • What is Wholeness?
  • What is Spiritual Development?
  • Who and What is God?
  • What is Love?
  • What is Life-Death?
  • What is Learning?
  • What is the Imaginal Realm?

I share more about my inheritance and the mystical wisdom traditions which have inspired me. I review the many ways I have harnessed my insatiable curiosity for framing and reframing the unfoldment of life, shifting in my perspectives and, as a consequence, evolving in awareness towards unified consciousness and deepening discernment.

I like to think of my stewardship of the material and wisdom received as a legacy, a testimonial of my drive for unity and my aspirations for wholeness, notwithstanding my rebellious refusal to limit myself to the narrow perspective of silo-thinking.

I provide a few insights into the practices I have chosen to honour, rituals and ceremonies in service to higher inner and collective coherence.