The Writer’s Cabinet

Essential joy

I have always known that writing would be central to my life and, as soon as I was able to read and write at the age of five, I went to work with eagerness. On a trip to my grandparents in London, my grandmother gave me my first notebook and pencil to celebrate my new skills and to honour my claim that I am now a writer. It was a small notebook with a picture on the front of a little girl, very like me, sitting on the floor and playing with a kitten and a ball of wool. That day, I too sat on the floor behind a huge armchair, nestled in a comfortable corner of the living room with all the world in my hands. While the grown-ups were having their conversations, as grown-ups tend to do, I wrote my first story. I told the story of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly and added in a few drawings for my younger brothers who did not know yet the gift of reading and writing. In my eyes, a book without pictures is not a proper book. This was the first actualisation of me as an educator and writer. I have a huge smile in my heart when I remember this scene, vividly, and the theme I chose as my first written piece. Clearly, I felt the call to write about metamorphosis and transformational processes. I carried that notebook around for years until it was, unfortunately, lost in a fire caused by an arsonist who set fire to the cellars (acting also as an atomic raid shelter) in the block of flats where I was living. I am still heart-broken over the loss, and that of other childhood memorabilia, and I long for that first notebook to miraculously turn up, unscathed.

After several decades of academic work, navigating the tortuous world of scientific publication and editing, with an impressive collection of much-acclaimed publications, I am now reunited with that 5-year-old girl and her passion for writing. Interestingly, none of those acclaimed publications brought me the joy I experienced the day I wrote my first story. I was caught up in the ‘publish or perish’ culture, dreading the peer reviews, the highly critical, and not always helpful, comments, the rejections that are common in academic circles. Once I had left that world, it took me several years before I could rekindle my passion and retrieve my joy from under the fears and wounding. Being involved in the birthing of the Guidance for Life on Earth books brought me back home to my original passion for writing.

The big shift

After a lot of inner work, learning to trust and validate my inner senses and to draw on the limitless abundance of my intuition, I experienced a catalytic moment. No need to go into the details and circumstances, they have been consigned to a book. The consequence of this awakening experience is that I clearly received the information that I needed to get back to writing. “There are stories that you need to tell”, my inner guidance insisted. “You are the one who needs to write them and to read them out aloud. Furthermore, you need to get a beloved practice partner to read them to you”.

Since receiving and acknowledging the call, my inner guidance hasn’t failed me. The inner voice with its suggestions and promptings is getting stronger by the day as I engage in my writing. Within a month, the first collection of compelling stories from my childhood was strung together. I discovered how I can use writing to undertake an archaeology of the personality, gently uncovering the layers frozen in the past and the legacy of energetic residues, and how, through honest hosting and allowing of all inner movements, writing can support retrieval of dormant material presenting itself to be witnessed, welcomed and, finally, integrated.

The work of remembering and retrieving long-forgotten stories, well-hidden in the suppressed aspects of the personality, is what I feel deeply called to pursue and share with others. I am eager to consecrate my life to this emerging line of work and to offer guidance and assistance to those who feel called to follow me in this open-ended adventure.

A Repository of Compelling Stories

Through subtle energy work, using memorialising, journaling, storytelling, narratives, I help translate your inner experiences into words, making sense of life-time trajectories and lessons learned. Together, and through writing, we bring back home the exiled parts of ourselves, witnessing within what is available to be remembered, seeking expression through words, and ready to return to origin, the wholeness of our being, none other than our sovereign selfhood. The archaeology of the personality, and its all-encompassing loving embrace, gently releases from the icy-frozen layers of oblivion the energetic residues. Writing our stories enables us to bear witness to what is within us, in movement, ever-unfolding and seeking completion.

To support work with energetic residues and imprinting, we need to claim our stories and hold them in reverence and gratitude. We are invited to express ourselves from the first person and to discard any customs or frameworks of reality that we might have been formerly operating from. There is freedom, expansiveness and unleashed creativity in affirming the sovereign self and writing, boldly and proudly, from the first person. The invitation is also to use the present tense in our writing, as we witness life arising within us with no distinction between past and future, no separation between me and the other, no differentiation between she or he who transmits the words and she or he who receives the words unravelling according to their higher purpose.

My work in this nascent field is to awaken both authorship and readership.

  • I dream of a sovereign authorship that discard conventions and allows to claim ownership of our sovereignty and to open to the fullness of life through writing.
  • I dream of collective readership with communities coming together to share stories and read them out aloud, to ourselves and to the world.
  • I am committed to creating and hosting a repository of compelling stories, living pieces of written work, vibrant with life and movement, stories to work with as we consent to be stirred up, woken up and transformed in the loving presence of each other.
  • I enjoy working with and scripting worldly scenarios, our witnessed stories, that expand our inner capacities and enable us to receive, fully, oneself and the other within. These scenarios lead us to worlding compassion and restoring the flow of love.

My suggestions

For those who are interested in unleashing their creativity and waking up the dormant writer within, I offer individual coaching, workshops and courses where writing and sharing our compelling stories are core to the work.

I accompany people wanting to self-publish and can guide them through the meanders of self-publishing and mastering online tools which serve that purpose.

I work in English, French, Italian and German.

Because this line of work is new, and deliciously young, I am eager to creatively explore all venues. So, please get in contact if you have an idea that you would like take further. Let’s rejoice in collaborative adventures that unify and give meaning to the word Wholeness.

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