We-Space Sammenkomster

At lære at blive hel

We-space gatherings have become a central piece of our work. For this reason, we have decided to dedicate our home to hosting we-space work. We weave the key principles into our retreats with the intention of providing a safe container for exploring the multidimensional realities of higher consciousness.

In a few words, what is a We-Space? It is a gathering of a group ranging between 3 to 25 people who have responded to a strong call to come together and spend some time in a location that offers quietness and stillness, and direct contact with nature. Unlike a traditional workshop, the gathering has a loose structure with no programme nor agenda other than cohering a collective, allowing the essence of our collaborative nature to emerge. The people gathered bond through their commitment to hold the space and to allow everything that arises in the space, remembering that everything matters, everything is allowed, even the most edgy and unloved aspects of ourselves. Through sustained relatedness and unconditional availability, they consent to listen and respond to what wants to come through the collective space, as for each of the participants. A we-space is an ongoing practice of being rather than doing.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the Danish regulations to limit contamination, all our we-space gatherings are suspended. In the midst of the disruptions and turmoils, we continue to meet online with a small group of people sensing into the potentialities of we-space gatherings in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment. We hold the vision that the gatherings will evolve and our online meetings will support us in understanding the changes we are called to embody.