I spent the Christmas days working on my wholeness roadmap for 2019. I have been interested in the power of intentions and noble pursuits for several years. What might look like careful planning (almost obsessional scheduling some would say) has served me well when I was leading complex projects involving many people that needed strong leadership. I have always liked to take time to state my goals focussing on the ‘why’, trusting that the ‘how’ would unfold gracefully.  I like to have colourful visuals that remind me of my intentions and to regularly stand in front of them in order to review how I am doing and to feel into the next steps. So, over the years, I have created my particular way of working with intentions making sure that they land and that they are grounded in everyday life through practices.

I call this tool a wholeness roadmap and its layout is reminiscent of a mandala or a flower with six petals. I have chosen the circle to express the interweaving of the many aspects that comprise the wholeness of a life. I have designed a template that can be filled with information and insights for navigating the journey with an open mind and open heart. It’s also a way of stepping out of well-known linear to-do lists that tend to split us up into segments of life leading us then to believe that we need to be competent and efficient in those we have chosen to be with. After all, we are committing to follow up on these resolutions and to become a better person, aren’t we?  Unfortunately, this is the best way to put a lot of pressure on oneself! The wholeness roadmap is not another way of striving to reach high standards. It is a very open approach, bringing together intuition and attentional precision, and it will suggest possibilities to explore and to look into.

The first step is to choose three qualities we want to be with during the coming months or year. There are many ways of selecting them, i.e. picking blessings cards, taking a character strength survey, or simply listening within to what arises spontaneously. The three qualities are then placed in the centre of the roadmap. The second step is to pick out six areas of life we will be paying attention to, again intuitively by dipping into a bowl full of cards. Rather than deciding what is or should be a priority in one’s life, this intuitive approach enables us to look into areas that we wouldn’t consider otherwise and to open up to new dimensions of life. For 2019, my six areas are 1) Humanity, 2) Leisure, 3) Partnerships, 4) Personal growth, 5) Self-mastery and 6) Artistic Expression. The areas are then inserted into the inner circle of the wholeness roadmap comprising the six sections of the mandala.

Once the core of the roadmap is filled in, I leave it out on a board where I can look at it regularly letting ideas float in. How do I feel about a particular area? What do I see myself wanting and doing here? What is moving in me? Throughout the day I usually get several insights that I then scribble down on a post-it and stick on the board. Intentions start forming for each area, some almost immediately, whilst other mature at their own pace often seeming stuck. For instance, the area of Leisure instantaneously led to the following intention, Bringing playfulness into my Life. Whereas I took several days to feel into the intention related to the area of Artistic Expression, Exploring new forms of knowledge production. The main thing is to allow plenty of time, to listen within, to feel what wants to show up more in our life, and to be creative in the explorations. This year, I decided to work on one area a day and to do so anticlockwise. Again, an intuition that this would serve me well, and it did.

Once the six intentions have been filled in, it is time to find out what will support their completion and the obstacles I might come across. For this, I use the Intuitive Solutions cards linked to the Transformation Game, and I pick an insight and a setback card for each of the six intentions. I transcribe the messages into the roadmap and reflect on the information received and what it could mean in this particular context. Doing a little graphic helps me feel into the energy and information available. “Oh dear, in the area of Artistic Expression with my intention of Exploring new forms of knowledge production, I am set back by my dishonesty!” This reminds me of the value of integrity in knowledge production and the calamity of plagiarism. Honesty and transparent communication are key to prevent this! More rejoicing, in the area of Partnerships where my intentions is to Expand the business with John, I can fall back on the fact that, “I live life to the fullest, enjoying each creative moment”.

The insights and setbacks are like the signposts in the landscape I will be travelling, light and shadow aspects to bear in mind as the journey unfolds. For each area, using this information, I start to shape affirmations that will become the coordinates of the roadmap, the focus points born from bringing together the insights and the setbacks and finding the middle road. This too can take time, some affirmations bursting out while others need to be dragged out. This year I was aware of a lot synchronistic moments. I would suddenly hear or read something that just fitted in, like seeing the pieces of a huge puzzle coming together. Synchronicity feels like bumping into the right things, visible and invisible, that help lay the puzzle. As I start to I fill in the roadmap with the affirmations, I identify actions and projects that will help me ground my intentions and practice them. These appear in the circles surrounding each section.

For 2019, my six affirmations are

  1. I am learning to bow down and to be bowed down to
  2. I playfully draw the challenger out from the shadow of the persecutor
  3. I am working cooperatively and creatively with subtle energies
  4. I am clarifying my vessel and expanding my attentional range
  5. I am learning to be intuitive and precise when navigating within myself
  6. I am practising transparent communication

Drafting a wholeness roadmap can be done at any time of the year. I only do it at Christmas out of habit wanting to honour the crossing of the threshold, and the new beginnings that come with a New Year. This summer I will be holding a 6-day workshop on Bornholm where a small group of people will gather to work on their wholeness roadmap helping each other to hone the intentions, draw out the affirmations and recognize the next steps.

Whatever your intuitive tools and practices may be, may this New Year bring you joy, playfulness and Love, the most precious ingredients for a fruitful journey towards Wholeness.

Happy 2019