Wholeness roadmap

Aligning your inner compass

Transformational journeys towards wholeness are often described as a leap into unknown territories, discarding maps and letting go of usual bearings so that we can tune into our emerging future and connect to our highest Self or Whole Self. It is about transforming obsolete patterns and undergoing an upgrading of our operative system leading to a complete renewal of our whole system (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) including the resetting of new coordinates.

Recognising and letting go of obsolete strategies

Cognitive and mindfulness psychology have repeatedly proven that if we step into a new situation with the same frameworks used up to then, we will end up re-creating the old, hence the invitation to discard habitual routines and navigation systems. For many of us, this feels like falling into emptiness, jumping into a void and, at times, it actually might feel like dying. Who am I without my usual trimmings and accessories? What is going to happen to me if I let go of what I consider to be part of my inherent personality? Who am I without my scripts? How can I relate to others without my stories?

Acknowledging the need for structure

If we are mindful of our ongoing experiences – however rough and painful – we will get a better understanding of our operative system and its obsolescence, the way our personality and structures have learned to cope with life out there. The invitation to let go of old structures and frameworks remains essential. This does not mean that we have to give up on all forms of structure. If we do so we might end up feeling like a rudderless boat drifting about on a very rough sea, never to find the promised sea of calmness. Our mind hosts a very powerful life navigation system. If we leave it to its own it can get reckless and wild. We want to befriend it and turn it into faithful servant for our soul’s purpose. Our sophisticated and highly evolved brain needs to get to work and thrives when given simple and challenging tasks. This is where a wholeness roadmap comes in handy. It will support maturation of the personality and the ego structures, and help yield the wisdom within. The transformational journey will involve stepping out of the small petty narratives of the personality in order to embrace the wholeness of who we really are, the Whole Self.

The shift from intentions to invocations

In order to upgrade our operative system and reset our life coordinates – avoiding the aimless wandering around the unknown territories – I have designed a method that encourages reorientations and identifies actions that help us stay attuned with our inner sensing, connect to the Whole Self and remain in the flow of life. Starting from a blank template and drawing on intuitive tools, together we will shape your journey providing you with new bearings for exploring the unknown from a different perspective.

The core principle behind a wholeness roadmap is to do all this from a place of creativity and openness rather than from a place of reactivity and protectiveness. For many years, I worked with intentions and affirmations using goal theory and approach/avoidance strategies to boost intrinsic motivation and self-esteem. I came to realise that the approach is unfortunately very outcome oriented and can lead to self-criticism when the expected results do not happen taking us into a vicious circle of self-blaming and self-bullying that will deeply impact our self-esteem. Intentions and life-goals then become endless to-do lists, charting an unreachable place where we will be safe and happy, and leading to destination addiction. This approach is very control-fuelled and brings to surface beliefs based on cause-effect conditionalities (if I … then …). As if I can monitor, measure and direct the flow of life! So, my first insight has been to step out of traditional intention-oriented life coaching and to open up more to the mystery of life and intuition. This can be done by committing to invoke the very highest for ourselves rather than falling into the trap of beating ourselves up by continually raising the expectations we put on ourselves.

The set-up

The mapping starts by clarifying your essential values (or purpose in life) and the areas of your life that are open for change. Together they will form the basis of the new frame and are placed at the centre of the roadmap. From there, in an intuitive and open dialogue, we work on soul-level invocations for each area and look at both the personal resources available and the limitations that might arise. Unpacking the different areas will help form the personal invocations that act as new bearings for your life-navigation system and can then be used in contemplative practices such as prayer and/or meditation. Lastly, we look at possible next steps and actions aligned with your purpose in life and areas of potential transformation.

Rather than striving to list intentions and desirable outcomes, the unfolding of your wholeness map will happen as you playfully engage with several intuitive tools. Allow yourself to be surprised and to meet up with the unexpected by picking cards and effortlessly tapping into the abundance of information available to us, always and at all times.

Most realignment work will inevitably come with strong resistances to change and tensions as our nervous system goes through a recalibration. The wholeness roadmap helps us stay on the journey, commit to self-care and practice the art of invocation.

More information on the process here: my account of preparing a wholeness roadmap for 2019.


The range of price is between 650,00 and 4’000,00 DKK depending on the amount of time we spend on mapping your wholeness roadmap and the depth with which you want to explore.

Sessions can be face-to-face or online, my preference being for face-to-face so that you can pick the cards in the various decks and packs I use. I also run workshops with a small gathering of people working together in disclosing their roadmap.

I can include graphic illustrations in your wholeness roadmap if this feels helpful for visualising your new orientations. Have a look at the examples below.