Yggdrasil Living Wholeness

A Compilation of Wholeness Projects

Next Online Workshop -> 6 February 2021

The Wholeness Perspective

Embodying higher frequencies of consciousness

Practice spaces and learning pathways for integrating and living the material from Guidance for Life on Earth 


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Inner Guidance Practice Space

The Inner Activist: Living According to Resonance

Seven sessions for claiming sovereignty and agency

10 February – 24 March 2021

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Bed & Breakfast


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Bed & Breakfast


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The Writer’s


Unleashing your creativity and awakening the dormant writer within

Polishing your writing skills through subtle energy work and daring publication

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Yggdrasil Living Wholeness offers a perfect sanctuary for today’s world.

Visionary centres of this calibre are valuable resources for anyone seeking to explore depth in community. 

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