Wholeness of Selfhood

Nicola Mary Christensen-Johnson

An Odyssey with Wholeness

The Path of Archaeological Discoveries

Unrequited Love

Intimacy and authentic relatedness are the prerequisites for us to initiate our odyssey with wholeness, the spiritual journey of the second half of life. What’s more, we need to know that we are loved in order to become love, the ultimate destination of the odyssey. Remembering our primary goodness, and knowing of the indwelling presence of love, empowers us to resist all the temptations and distractions strewn along our path.

Unfortunately, along the trials and tribulations of our life-trajectories, many of us will have lost contact with these essential truths: in essence we are good, and we are love incarnate. We suffer the loss of connection each time we allow our yearning for unconditional love to swell in our hearts – and dare to express it – only to crash, again and again, into our experiences of unrequited love. Yet, the trajectories of our earthly sojourn, in the density and jaggedness of the physical world, are precisely where we are able to hone the most exquisite qualities of love.

Our odyssey with wholeness always and, at times, insistently invites us to undergo a significant shift: relinquish all the unfulfilled needs to be loved, so that we may become living and fully conscious beacons of love. Added to which, we are to be pruned open by the transformative powers of love we meet along the pathways to selfhood.

In Search of Absolute Love

The Path of Archaeological Discoveries invites us to return to the first half of life and to dive into our personal stories so that we may uncover the indwelling presence of love that has never left our sides, despite what we might have come to believe. The approach focuses resolutely on the Me Story and values our exquisite capacities for storytelling and retrieving our own tales of love and grief, the essential stories, passionately and carefully watched over by our True Self, our sovereign self, prepared and eager to release them from forgetfulness when the time is right.

This guided itinerary summons us to recognise and embrace Absolute Love as we sieve through the archaeological findings, so that we may know, without doubt, that we are loved. The inner work also invites us to pay attention to the voices which belie the truth of Absolute Love, and deny our capacities to be both a recipient and dispenser of such gracious and pure love.


A Course of Discoveries

Based on Book One. An Archaeology of the Personality, I invite you to follow my steps in unearthing your own encounters with certain aspects of the human experience. Using the eight guided meditations, we track down the genesis of their appearance and their specific configuration in your life. The itinerary does not follow the practices in the same order as they are presented in Book One. I chart the course by attuning to your existential questions, the guidance you want to receive, and whatever it is that you want to know at this time, clearly and lovingly.

Slowly and tenderly, with the help of those who row us past the deadly voices, we listen and disband the pernicious voices eroding our sense of wholeness and encumbering us with a weighted sense of shame and guilt. We consent to pause and tenderly receive the temptations dwelling in anxiety, attachment issues, grasping and clinging, craving and addictive patterns, and all manners of self-absorption borne from the wounds of rejection, abandonment, betrayal, humiliation and injustice that go with the territory of uncovering the love story threaded throughout our odyssey with wholeness.

Retrieving our own stories always acts as a portal steering us towards the indwelling presence, higher qualities of love, and deep inner transformation by releasing all that is unforgiven in us, and by lovingly scooping up the unloved and unlived aspects of ourselves. During our time together we unreservedly welcome and embrace everything that presents itself to us, however distasteful or distressing. This unconditional inclusiveness is key if we are to develop capacities for the detachment, simplicity, nonviolence, forgiveness, and contentment which shepherd us to wholeness of selfhood where we inhabit and dwell in our sovereign selfhood, our True Self in Love.


The Eight Guided Practices of Book One

Practice 1. Breathing Love

Practice 2. Burning our own fire

Practice 3. Tending to our needs

Practice 4. Befriending our fears

Practice 5. Embracing unworthiness

Practice 6. Opening to the gifts of grief

Practice 7. Restoring the flow of love

Practice 8. Celebrating our sovereign selfhood

Format of Guided Itinerary

The Path of Archaeological Discoveries is an itinerary of eight online calls and/or in-person meetings based on the eight guided meditations in Book One. An Archaeology of the Personality.

Online calls are done on the videoconferencing platform Zoom. In-person meetings take place in my home on the island of Bornholm in Denmark, or elsewhere if I happen to be travelling and in your area.

The sessions last 60 minutes for the shorter practices and 90 minutes for the longer practices.

The guided itinerary can be done alone or with a companion.

Planning your Guided Itinerary

Let’s start with a complimentary 30-minute call to explore what is calling you towards wholeness of selfhood. I am interested in listening to the ways I can serve you on your path of spiritual maturity and support you with the archaeological explorations you feel inspired to undertake. Click on the button below: send me your request with a few options as to when we can meet. I’ll get back to you confirming a date and time, and provide you with a generic Zoom link.

After the exploratory call, the guided itinerary is confirmed after payment. I issue you with a personal Zoom link and we then plan the sessions. I highly recommend that we settle for a structured approach providing you with the appropriate accompaniment for your customised odyssey: meeting on the same day and time, and at regular intervals, that is not too spaced out. You choose the day of the week, the time and the frequency: every week, every two weeks, or every three weeks, not more.



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You can also look at my Philosophy of Accompaniment which details how I accompany people on their odysseys with wholeness and oneness.