Odysseys with Wholeness

Nicola Mary Christensen-Johnson

Pathways to Selfhood

The second stretch of our odyssey celebrates the collective story of humanity, the We Story. It charts the unfolding movements of human consciousness and the itineraries we take in our quest for wholeness. Like fractals bearing exquisite complex patterns, the pathways are enfolded within the vast sweeping movements of consciousness unfolding unto itself, implicate order made explicate, with each pathway representing a specific portion of the all-unfolding movements inherent to the cosmology of wholeness.

In simple terms, the second volume follows the trajectories from the personality with its egoic consciousness to sovereign selfhood dwelling in unitive consciousness. The sequence of unfolding movements starts with our sovereign choice to take part in the incarnate experience of becoming fully human and heads to the enactment of our sovereign selfhood in service to a larger arc of life of which we can barely grasp the contours.

Table of Contents


Chapter One – Choosing. The Emerging Pathway

Chapter Two – Consenting. The Devotional Pathway

Chapter Three – Expanding. The Pathway of Introspection

Chapter Four – Shifting. The Pathway of Metanoia

Chapter Five – Awakening. The Pathway of Conscious Love

Chapter Six – Surrendering. The Pathway of Kenosis

Chapter Seven – Enacting. The Pathway of Essential Nature

Chapter Eight – Inditing. The Pathway of Collective Nature

The treasures unearthed on our odyssey are not in the words, nor in the carefully polished texts. The revelations flow out of the conversations we have on the fringe, with family and intimate companions, with friends and colleagues, with practice partners and clients, even with opponents and foes. Revelations rise from our consent to embrace the wholeness of life and to explore the full gamut of the human experience, its intrinsic messiness as much as its glorious splendours. Revelations gush from our willingness to be loved, and to love unconditionally. Revelations heave from our willingness to feel the regrets and sorrows threaded in life. Revelations pour out of our willingness to convene the sacred marriage of love and grief, so that we may know of our innate goodness and the indwelling presence of love.

220 pages

50’000 words