Wholeness of Selfhood

Nicola Mary Christensen-Johnson

Listening with Curiosity and Love

Conversations with the Unknown

Spiritual Maturity: Expanding into Wholeness, Dissolving into Oneness

Our spiritual awakening, be it individual or collective, is a path paved with a flurry of disruptive moments: largescale life-threatening crises, massive upheavals followed by systemic collapses, passages through the various valleys of shadow etched into our inner landscapes. All these catalytic moments and events bear the fruits of deep life-giving transformations, if only we can stay there, and wait until the initial confusion and disorientation dissipates. The notion that we move through our breakdowns towards our breakthroughs sounds like a much-repeated platitude; nonetheless, it is true.

This truth summons us to a practice of deep inner listening from the place of curiosity, compassion and enduring love that we experience in stillness and contemplation.  Paradoxically, it is not a solitary pursuit, a retreat from life and its challenging circumstances. It becomes all the more relevant and enlivening when we develop our capacities for authentic relatedness, harness the highest form of love that is compassion, and stand in solidarity with all the pain and suffering threaded in the human experience.

Despite the disruptions, everything unfolds easefully and gracefully when we can call on faithful companions offering suitable mirroring, and benefit from a divine accompaniment however we experience our union with the divine and the sacred. For our breakdowns to morph into breakthroughs, we all need to receive customised guidance and information on who we are, what our greater purpose in life is, and what our gifts are. We also need to recognise the fit-for-purpose learning journeys that support us in unravelling from the performance riddled achievements of our egoic mind into the spaciousness and purposefulness of wholeness of selfhood.

Unconditional Availability: Bumping Up against our Edges

Our odyssey with wholeness requires courage and strength, but also perseverance and commitment to engage deeply with everything that presents itself to us, however painful or distressing. Our pausing and staying, listening and breathing, is crucial when we find ourselves stuck in the pit of our breakdowns and the trenches of our deepest despair where we feel utterly lonely, confused and disconnected from self, others and the greater realms of consciousness. This is where we are the most likely to encounter the threshold of fear and the wall of shame that shackle and immobilise us.

Daring to stay on the edge of our excruciatingly painful experiences is not an act of selfishness driven by self-absorption. Quite the contrary: it is a gift to humanity when accomplished from a place of loving presence.  It is by staying and moving through the individual, the singular, however terrifying and dramatic, that we open up to the principles of universalising. We then enter the unified field of consciousness and draw upon the rich repertoire of knowledge, wisdom and tools available to us in our collective psyche.

Inner Work: Listening to our Intuitive Voice

Based on my own experiences of moving through breakdowns and up the slopes to the prophetic edges, I recognise that intuitive knowledge and contemplation are the most powerful tools we can draw upon for charting our odyssey with wholeness and claiming our sovereign selfhood. My intention is to accompany you in whatever way you are pursuing your odyssey with wholeness, and to support you in harvesting the qualities summoned and the capacities developed as you move through the journey of spiritual maturity.


Put simply, I endear you to open to your own inner voice and trust the intelligences and wisdom available to you from you higher Self, your True Self in love, or however you name this alternate, larger-than-life version of yourself. She or he is the one providing you with customised protection and guidance for your earthly sojourn. The inner work beckons you to reclaim your sovereign selfhood, acknowledge the indwelling presence of love, and initiate a life-giving conversation with the numinous field of consciousness where multiple creative intelligences are only too eager to collaborate with us ‘poor’ humans struggling with the density and jaggedness of life on Earth.

An Odyssey with Wholeness: A Pilgrimage of Purpose and Identity

An odyssey with wholeness often feels like a pilgrimage where we are completely undone in our forms of participation in world and who we believe to be. It is a journey of two steps forwards for one step backward. We fall, we tumble, we pick ourselves up, and we go forward. We remember, we forget, and we remember again. It is precisely this toggling forth and back that generates enough energy to propel us through the pathways to selfhood towards our expansion into the indivisible reality of love followed by our dissolution into oneness.

Throughout our odysseys, the journey of the second half of life, we are regularly invited to climb up the slopes towards our edges. There, we are encouraged to stand in the prophetic position listening to what is calling us towards new forms of participation in world, and what our true purpose may be in the greater arc of life, in other words what we are really meant to be doing when we have become who we are meant to be in wholeness of selfhood.

The prophetic edge is the place where we inevitably find ourselves standing in utter confusion and bewilderment, hovering with anxiety. This is the place where we learn to stay in the creative tension of holding together all the contradictions, all the paradoxes, and all the polarities, accepting the tragic nature of the human experience, sprinkled with dramas and disruptions. This is the place where we dare sail beyond the threshold of fear. This is the place where we learn to be excessively gentle with ourselves as we pray that we will not be coerced to show up in life in the same way. Therefore, most importantly, this is the place where we need divine accompaniment to hold us lovingly as we shake and quaver.

Paradoxically, it is when we humbly visit the places of our helplessness, our hopelessness and our utter powerlessness that we discover who we are in sovereign selfhood. There is no doubt that, besieged by the blast of the furnace burning on the prophetic edge, we encounter a highly transformative experience, as we allow ourselves to fall part, welcoming the death of the structures of personality, only to feel a new foundational ground coming to meet and uphold us.


Personalised Accompaniment and Bespoke Guidance

The purpose of individual sessions is to shepherd you along your journey of spiritual maturity, and to guide you to the liminal spaces from where we can peer into the whole of the universe and listen to the prophetic whisper coming towards us, offering her oracle, and ushering us on to the next dispensation of our life. An individual session provides a sacred space for listening to the unconscious and conscious influences shaping your expansion into wholeness and dissolution oneness. We bear witness to the old patterns being dismantled and celebrate the new patterns arising from expanded awareness. And, most importantly, we look into what is as the heart of your current transformational work, with the specific guidance offered to support you in your spiritual growth and help you uncover the purpose and the gifts of your sovereign selfhood.

I am offering two options for entering these sacred spaces.

  1. A guided session based on an oracle reading prior to the call. The reading focuses on the issue or matter for which you seek insights and guidance. During our time together we look into the information yielded by the trustworthy prophetic message that I deliver through my inner stream.
  2. A flowing session starting with a short guided inner practice opening us up to the indivisible reality of divine love and the breath of cosmic scale and dimension. We then stay together in silence, listening for the vatic whisper and the message of wisdom addressed to us, in real-time, through both our inner streams.


I also offer short or long itineraries for in-depth explorations of your specific fit-for-purpose pilgrimage. Both itineraries enable us to pause and stay with different aspects of the human experience arising in awareness, so that we may draft a more truthful map of reality and experience life unfolding in a dynamic and intimately connected context. An oracle reading is included in both itineraries. The guided itineraries can be done alone or with a companion.


Short itinerary of 5 sessions

  1. Standing on our edge
  2. Befriending our fears
  3. Embracing unworthiness
  4. Opening to the gifts of grief
  5. Receiving the next dispensation of our life

Long itinerary of 10 sessions

  1. Standing on our edge
  2. Befriending our fears
  3. The markers and traces of anxiety and distress
  4. Embracing unworthiness
  5. The manifestations of shame and core wounds
  6. Opening to the gifts of grief
  7. The indwelling presence
  8. The indivisible reality of love
  9. Receiving the next dispensation of our life
  10. Voicing from the heart

Format of Individual Sessions and Itineraries

An individual session is a 60-minute one-to-one online call or in-person meeting.

The short itinerary of 5 sessions encompasses five 60-minute online calls and/or in-person meetings following the above programme.

The longer itinerary of 10 sessions encompasses ten 60-minute online calls and/or in-person meetings following the above programme.

Online calls are done on the videoconferencing platform Zoom. In-person meetings take place in my home on the island of Bornholm in Denmark, or elsewhere if I happen to be travelling and in your area.

Booking a Session

Let’s start with a complimentary 30-minute call to establish what your interests are and how we may work together serving the highest and deepest purpose. Click on the button below: send me your request with a few options as to when we can meet. I’ll get back to you confirming a date and time, and provide you with a generic Zoom link.

After the exploratory call, all other sessions or itineraries are confirmed after payment. I issue you a personal Zoom link and we then plan the session(s). For the itineraries, I highly recommend that we settle for a structured approach providing you with the appropriate accompaniment for your odyssey: meeting on the same day and time, and at regular intervals, that is not too spaced out. You choose the day of the week, the time and the frequency: every week, every two weeks, or every three weeks, not more.



Please take some time to read my Terms of service: you will find out more about me and how I work.

You can also look at my Philosophy of Accompaniment which details how I accompany people on their odysseys with wholeness and oneness.