Odysseys with Wholeness

Nicola Mary Christensen-Johnson

Listening with Love

Conversations with the Unknown

Individual Sessions

The purpose of an individual session is to offer you some company on your odyssey with wholeness. One-to-one sessions often help us enter the liminal spaces and approach the rim of intelligibility between what we know and what we know not yet.

I am passionate about storytelling, and I am genuinely interested in your stories. I strongly believe that storytelling enables us to access a wider range of feelings and emotions. For instance, we develop emotional fluidity when we commit our stories to art forms (poetry, fiction, dramas) celebrating and prasing the fullness of the human experience. In intimate companionship, we weave together the stories of our personal trajectories – the trials and tribulations of life as much as the successes and achievements – as we author the odyssey and tell the story of all the metamorphoses and changes that bolster our transformational work and shape the human experience.

An individual session provides a sacred space for listening to the unconscious and conscious influences shaping our expansion into wholeness. Together, we observe the old patterns being dismantled, and celebrate the new constellations continually arising in renewed immediacy. Self-awareness is enhanced through compassionate witnessing. Critical thinking is fostered through augmented perceptiveness and refined discernment. All these transformational movements, acknowledged and witnessed in the intimate relationship of an individual session, summon the energy that enables us to step off the drama triangle, out of the grips of victimhood, and into the empowerment dynamics of the resourceful and resourced creator.

Most importantly, we look into what is as the heart of our current transformational work and, in particular, the specific guidance offered in support of spiritual growth. Deep listening often supports uncovering the purpose and  gifts of our sovereign selfhood: who we are meant to be and what is to be our most precious contribution to life. The emancipatory qualities stewarding the sessions free us from the prisons and tombs of the heart and the mind, and deliver us into boundless creativity.

The session starts with a short guided inner practice opening us up to the indivisible reality of love and the breath of cosmic scale and dimension. We then stay together in silence, listening to the message of wisdom addressed to us, in real-time, through both our inner streams, ushering us towards the next dispensation of our life.

An individual session is a 60-minute one-to-one online call or in-person meeting.

Online calls are done on the videoconferencing platform Zoom. In-person meetings take place in my home on the island of Bornholm in Denmark, or elsewhere if I happen to be travelling and in your area.

... with an Oracle Reading

This option includes an oracle reading prior to the call using a card deck and the Celtic Cross spread.

The reading focuses on the issue or matter for which you seek insights and guidance, information that you provide me when you book the session. I then do the reading and, during our time together, we review the information delivered through my inner stream. After the call, I send you a picture of the spread with a summary of the main points of the reading to consider.

An individual session with an oracle reading is a 40-minute one-to-one online call or in-person meeting.

Online calls are done on the videoconferencing platform Zoom. In-person meetings take place in my home on the island of Bornholm in Denmark, or elsewhere if I happen to be travelling.

... with a Constellation of your Archetypal Energies

The way the archetypal energies constellate in, and around, us is variable and, what’s more, the constellation is constantly shifting. It depends on the situation and the circumstances we find ourselves in, the time of the day, our dominant emotions, what is on our busy mind, the concerns and worries catching our attention, who we are in contact with, what might be gently maturing in our heart, and where our love and caring capacities are directed, and towards who.

Far from being static and fixed in time forever, the constellation of archetypal energies is a living body of energy which inhabits and dwells in us. Each moment offers us a unique and personal collection of lifeforces in service to life living itself in us, to love living itself in us. The energy body accompanies us in our daily contemplations and actions.

In my approach, the archetypal energies forming this energy body are represented by 12 figures: the Dreamer, the Sage, the Sovereign, the Companion, the Nurturer, the Lover, the Trickster, the Explorer, the Rebel, the Artist, the Warrior and the Magician.

Because of the variability and plasticity of archetypal constellations, it is difficult to provide a general reading in terms of a profile – a personal archetypal identity card so to say – as we do with the enneagram, astrology or human design (gene keys). The best readings come when we go within, connect to our higher self, and bring our attention to a specific issue or a question for which we want to understand how the energies organise themselves when we engage physically, emotionally and mentally with the situation or circumstances.

In order to do so, I have designed a test that captures the archetypal configuration relating to the situation or circumstances you are interested in. This is a complimentary option to an oracle reading inasmuch as it provides more nuanced and detailed information as to which archetypal energies are overpowering and might need to be turned down, and which energies might benefit from being turned up.

There are two options available.

  1. The basic version comprised of the test followed by a 60-minute call for reviewing the constellation and discussing suggested changes                                   
  2. An extended version including a 60-minute follow-up session, one or two weeks after the presentation of the archetypal constellation, to discuss changes implemented and effects observed

Booking a Session

Let’s start with a complimentary 30-minute call to establish what your interests are and how we may work together serving the highest and deepest purpose. Click on the button below: send me your request with a few options as to when we can meet. I’ll get back to you confirming a date and time, and provide you with a generic Zoom link.

After the exploratory call, all other sessions are confirmed after payment and I issue you a personal Zoom link.



Please take some time to read my Terms of service: you will find out more about me and how I work.

You can also look at my Philosophy of Accompaniment which details how I accompany people on their odysseys with wholeness and oneness.