Odysseys with Wholeness

Nicola Mary Christensen-Johnson

An Odyssey with Wholeness is a collection of three volumes exploring the phenomenology of consciousness. Neither a scholarly piece of work, nor a didactical exposé, the anthology invites readers, through immersive experiences, to direct encounters with reality on its own terms, a voyage through the waves and pleats of consciousness unfolding unto itself, as it follows the evolutionary thrust of expanding into wholeness before dissolving into oneness.

Drawing on the timeless power of storytelling, the odyssey floats us from our individual stories of awakening to higher orders of consciousness towards the cities of our collective stories safeguarding the realms of consensual reality. Sailing off into the unknown seas, the voyage dares to pierce the veils of our worlds of images and illusions to reach the states of contemplative stillness and deep rest where we experience the unified field of being that is wholeness.