Odysseys with Wholeness

Nicola Mary Christensen-Johnson

An Archaeology of the Personality

The chronicles of our odyssey begin with the Me Story, a personal collection of events and situations where some of the aspects of the human experience are encountered for the first time.

Through the storytelling, we track down their genesis and the circumstances of their emergence. We flirt with love and shed tears of grief. We grapple and struggle with burning shame and petrifying terror. We wrestle and tussle with muteness and contempt. And we face up to betrayal and mistrust.

The archaeological excavations of our childhood, delicately scraping through the layers beneath the surface, beckon us to mine the depths of the human experience. There we mourn what is still unforgiven in us, we grieve all that remains unlived, and our tears wash away our wounds and pain, revealing our deepest longing to participate fully in the incredible adventure of being human, entering the realm of unitive consciousness where our sovereign selfhood dwells.

Table of Contents


Chapter One – Emanating Love

Chapter Two – Burning with Shame

Chapter Three – Disappearing into Mutism

Chapter Four – Battling with Terror

Chapter Five – Wrestling with Contempt

Chapter Six – Consenting to Grief

Chapter Seven – Colliding with Betrayal

Chapter Eight – Overcoming Mistrust

Scooping out the treasures of my archaeological excavations, I found myself joining the dots of the line of my life, gathering up the stones leading me back home. The pebbles on the path then became precious entry points ushering me towards wholeness and sovereign selfhood, a falling upwards into unitive consciousness.




220 pages

70’000 words