Wholeness of Selfhood

Nicola Mary Christensen-Johnson

From the Wholeness Perspective

The third volume builds up from the materials presented in the first two volumes of the Wholeness of Selfhood trilogy, offering new perspectives on the ontology and epistemology of wholeness and the cosmology revealing itself with each twist and bend of the odyssey.

A Visionary Journey

From the Wholeness Perspective initiates a visionary journey into the cosmology of wholeness in which consciousness unfolds unto itself in a multidimensional universe. It offers in-depth inquiries into the creative intelligences cohering and coalescing wholeness.

It undertakes to unpack the principles operating in a unified field of consciousness, or at least what we are able to apprehend of these numinous and transcendent realms from our human perspective.

In order to undertake such a quest, we need to let go of our habitual tools and instruments for apprehending reality. Being an intrepid explorer by nature, and by essence, I am eager to delve into the unchartered territories.

The final volume of the collection articulates what I have discovered so far on my odyssey with wholeness.

Inhabiting and Dwelling

There are two parts to the volume that draw of the materials presented in the first two volumes.

Part One attends to the cosmology of wholeness exploring the ontology and epistemology of consciousness.

Part Two offers insights for a philosophy of life centred on being in and knowing of wholeness.

In wholeness of selfhood – which is not a location, but a state of consciousness – the former tension experienced by all humans between the desire to become and the need to belong dissolves. We are then propelled into a new realm, inclusive by nature, and we begin another odyssey with the pathways to oneness. In these new dimensions the impetus to become and the desire to belong are transmuted into the twofold movement of inhabiting and dwelling.

The third volume considers the different localities – or coordinates in wholeness – of our sovereign selfhood unearthed in the archaeological diggings (An Archaeology of the Personality) and revealed through the unravelling of the pathways (Pathways to Selfhood): inhabiting and dwelling in aloneness; inhabiting and dwelling in language; inhabiting and dwelling in intimacy; and inhabiting and dwelling in God.

The contents are presented from the wholeness perspective, hence the title, and gives voice to what becomes available and apprehensible from the altitude of unitive consciousness beyond the surface reality made of the dualities and oppositions that the operative system of our rational mind favours so dearly.

Table of Contents


Part One. A Cosmology of Wholeness

Chapter One – Ontology: The Developmental Nature of Consciousness

Chapter Two – Ontology: The Unbearable Wholeness of Being

Chapter Three – Epistemology: The Power of Storytelling

Chapter Four – Epistemology: The Mysticism of Inditing


Part Two.  Dwelling in Wholeness, A Life Philosophy

Chapter Five – Being: Inhabiting and Dwelling in Aloneness

Chapter Six – Being: Inhabiting and Dwelling in Language

Chapter Seven – Knowing: Inhabiting and Dwelling in Intimacy

Chapter Eight – Knowing: Inhabiting and Dwelling in God

Joy unspeakable is

wanting so badly

for my dreams to come true

that it hurts

leaving a pain in the heart

that never goes away.


Joy unspeakable is

hanging on to the fragments of a vision

shattered by unresponsiveness

nurturing them like shards

from the priceless mirror of the universe

defragmented into stupendous galaxies


Joy unspeakable is

turning brokeness

into an art form

that tenderises the

pain in my heart.