Odysseys with Wholeness

Nicola Mary Christensen-Johnson

From the Wholeness Perspective

In the last volume of the odyssey, we turn around to look back at the aspects discovered and uncovered in the previous volumes. We are invited to join a visionary journey into the cosmology of wholeness to understand how consciousness unfolds unto itself following the evolutionary thrust of the implicate order made explicate.

Shaken out of our usual perspectives, from the wholeness altitude, we start to unpack the principles operating in unitive consciousness, or at least what we are able to apprehend of these numinous realms from the eye of the heart. Infused by the love and beauty which uphold higher orders of consciousness, we learn to praise the matters of the heart revealed on the odyssey, weaving together the previous narratives, the Me Story and the We Story, so that we begin to tell the Big Story.

Table of Contents



Part One. A Cosmology of Wholeness

Chapter One – The Developmental Nature of Consciousness

Chapter Two – The Unbearable Wholeness of Being

Chapter Three – The Power of Storytelling

Chapter Four – The Mysticism of Inditing


Part Two.  Living Wholeness

Chapter Five – Inhabiting and Dwelling in Aloneness

Chapter Six – Inhabiting and Dwelling in Language

Chapter Seven – Inhabiting and Dwelling in Intimacy

Chapter Eight – Inhabiting and Dwelling in God

Love is the universal power which fuels the journey, stokes up the fires, shakes us out of dormancy and complacency. Love steers us towards radical presence and radical bewilderment, both working together to stir the winds that fill our sails and carry us across the seas of our odysseys. The substrate into which our roots grow is saturated with love forming the bedrock of the whole universe. Without love there is nothing. It is as simple as that. Yet, it is a simplicity which so often eludes us. We remember it, we forget it, we remember it again as we gradually develop the capacity to catch ourselves forgetting and call ourselves back to the present moment through our hope-filled memories bathing the wounds of despair. The motivational engine of our odyssey is driven by all the pendulum movements between forgetting and remembering the quintessence of incarnate life.

220 pages

62’700 words