Odysseys with Wholeness

Nicola Mary Christensen-Johnson

Terms of service

Spirituality and transformational work have been growing exponentially over many years thanks to the commitment of intrepid explorers, enthusiastic pioneers and dedicated learning communities which gather and reflect together.

Please take some time to read the following terms of service. Their purpose is to support you and all the people who generously engage and contribute to the growth of this field of work. You will find out more about me and how I work. The document presents the principles that help provide a safe container and an effective framework for our work together. It contains an important disclaimer and specifies our mutual responsibilities in particular regarding confidentiality and dissemination of documentation and resources. 

Please refer to the trading conditions for any questions relating to purchases on the website, the financial aspects relating to the programmes and events, and the refund policy.

About me

I am a cognitive psychologist who trained in Geneva, Switzerland, in the last years of Jean Piaget’s presence at the helm of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Genetic Psychology. I initially trained as a specialist in experimental and genetic psychology focusing on the phenomenology of perception. This taught me a lot about research protocols and how we perceive and apprehend reality. Only, I was not one to want to spend my life in a very specialised area, in those days a niche for the highly skilled scholars passionate about pure research.

My drive for unity and my yearning for wholeness pushed me towards interdisciplinary approaches which I happily explored during my doctoral research. Following Piaget’s invitation to use what we know about learning to reform education I studied the emergence of interdisciplinary courses and programmes in an environment structured and organised around recognised scientific disciplines. I was curious to understand how these innovations were impacting not only teaching and learning practices but also shifting organisational culture towards a more unified field of scientific inquiry.

Based on my doctoral research I spent twenty-five years as a senior faculty developer working on the development of higher education in Europe. I was called to implement the principles of the Bologna Process at a national level in Switzerland and I developed high-level consultancy work for higher education institutions in French-speaking countries. Other than higher education policy, my main interests were accompanying teachers and researchers in designing pioneering programmes and developing student-centred teaching practices. In terms of organisational development, I encouraged shifts towards system thinking and inclusiveness without relinquishing the need to provide learning conditions that support developing high-level skills and expertise.



I am not a certified or licensed therapist and therefore I do not claim to heal. I do not offer cures or treatments for any condition nor prescribe medication of any sort.

Interactions with me do not establish any type of therapist-client relationship and should not be considered as substitutes for professional medical, psychological, psychiatric, legal advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

I ask that you seek the advice of a qualified professional or service with any questions you may have regarding your health or well-being. Should such an issue arise during an event or programme I am hosting, I might suggest you consult someone and, if needed, that you step out of the programme to do so.

Whether you are a visitor of my website, taking part in one of my online programmes or participating in a residential retreat, I expect you to acknowledge having read and accepted all the following aspects.


My Responsibilities

My work is spiritual by nature and aims to help you become aligned with your sovereign selfhood, your True Self in Love, and to walk the pathways to selfhood revealing a map towards non-dual consciousness and oneness. Interactions with me are intended to be informational and educational, and to provide you with the best possible accompaniment for your ongoing odyssey with wholeness.

The boundaries between educational work and spiritual work can be fuzzy and the same can be said of personal growth and spiritual development. This is why I use the generic term learning journey to define the scope and nature of my work. A learning journey can be a series of individual sessions, an online course, a workshop, or a retreat in Yggdrasil Guest Lodge. I invite each participant to decide the qualities that best describe her or his personal inquiry and journey.

I am committed to being of service to your learning journey without trying to put a label on what happens during our work together. I encourage being open and curious about what arises in the field. I will put you in the driver’s seat and ask you to tell me what is most likely to support you and accompany you to your next dispensation of life, including facing any discomfort or edginess that might be necessary in order to transform old structures and patterns.

My expertise has matured over a long period by attending certified higher education programmes, and taking part in a wide range of training programmes. I draw on my professional and personal experiences and, most of all, I remain faithful to my commitment to continue to invest in my own education and ongoing learning journeys. My work draws on the teachings and practices I have distilled and curated in my books Wholeness of Selfhood. The Odyssey of Becoming Fully Human.

I do not guarantee outcomes nor results of any kind. I have learned that we often walk between knowing and not-knowing as we move through our learning journeys. This will entail letting go of rational explanations or seeking causalities. My commitment is to accompany you as we stay and rest together on the sharpest edges, there where all transformations become possible. 

I disclaim all liability for any decision, non-decision, action or non-action taken as the result of my work or something I have said. I am well aware of the mechanisms of abuse and manipulation that can occur in this kind of work. I therefore highly value showing up with integrity, authenticity, transparency and honesty in order to open up to the trust and the respect needed for transformational work to unfold gracefully and effortlessly.

I am not liable for claims or damages arising from injury, illness, accident, loss or other misfortune that might occur in connection to participating in my work.

Your Responsibilities

You are solely responsible for your learning journey and as such I expect you to decide consciously how you take part in my events or programmes, and what is beneficial for you.

In attending an event or programme, whether face-to-face or online, you assume responsibility for your health, safety and well-being during and after the event. I invite you to practice self-care and to be fully aware of ongoing processes during the work. If needed, please reach out for support and assistance.

If you are staying at Yggdrasil Guest Lodge, please refer to the House rules and guidelines explaining how community life is organised and how you can contribute to the intentional community I am invoking.

Whatever the event or programme you are taking part in, please carefully read the practice agreements that explain how we work together as a collective and how to show up in order to serve the Whole.


I value treating with utmost respect everything that is voiced and brought into the field of work whether during a one-to-one session or in group activities.

I expect all participants in group activities to respect confidentiality and to stand for a trustful container where everything can be brought it and voiced, welcomed and embraced as being of absolute validity.

Documentation and resources

All documents and resources provided during a programme or event are for the personal use of the participants only, as a way of deepening the work. They should not be used, sent or circulated in any way outside of the programme or event. All documents will mention this on the first page.

Online workspaces are private and protected. Only participants who have paid will receive the Zoom link to access an online event or programme. The Zoom link may not be shared outside of membership of the online event or programme.

All violations of the rules concerning dissemination of documents and resources (i.e. communicating Zoom link to third party, sharing documents) will invalidate your participation in the programme or event, and might be extended to all future programmes and events I host.

Audio and video recordings are limited and are mainly produced to enrich the shared resources. They are for personal use strictly.

I occasionally take photos or make video recordings of events in order to promote my work. I prefer to be discrete when doing so. You release to me the rights to use this work in any form and you understand that there will be no financial or other remuneration for recordings or photography.

If you are sensitive about appearing in an audio or video recording, please let me know and I will do my utmost best to accommodate your concerns respectfully.