Odysseys with Wholeness

Nicola Mary Christensen-Johnson

Wandering into the Mystery of Life

Our Odysseys with Wholeness

Archaeological Discoveries

Expanding into Wholeness

A Pilgrimage of Purpose

I offer three customised itineraries introducing pilgrims to the principles of an odyssey with wholeness.

The first itinerary (8 sessions) invites us to carry our an archaeological survey of the first half of life, unearthing the structures of the egoic personality through our personal stories.

The second itinerary (8 sessions) takes us into the journey of the second half of life, a pilgrimage of mystical orientation, uncovering the gifts we are meant to bring forth in service to life living itself in us, as us.

The third itinerary is a pilgrimage of purpose and identity exposing who, and what, we are in the wholeness of our selfhood, that is the highest and deepest expression of our sovereign selfhood. The short version comprises 5 sessions and the longer itinerary encompasses 10 sessions.

All the guided itineraries can be done alone or with a companion.