Odysseys with Wholeness

Nicola Mary Christensen-Johnson

Longing & Hope

An Online Workshop - The Mysticism of Inditing

Saturday 15 July 2023

Merciful anger recognises the river of sadness

Overwhelmed with groaning tears

Quelling the shimmer of hope

Evaporating in the mist of my bewilderment.

July Intermezzo

Mid-way through the explorations of the mysticism of inditing, the art of voicing from the heart, it is time to take a short pause and to contemplate. Where have we been? What treasures have we received?

In winter, we went into the woods. There we allowed the rhythms of nature to gently cradle us back to life and to point us towards the next dispensation of freedom in our life. We found stillness and tranquillity, shelter and protection, curiosity and eagerness, a home for our wandering thoughts, a solitude that enables us to become who we are meant to be in the quiet time of hibernation. The trees murmured tender words, peace, hope, passion, clarity, enthusiasm, bequests to take with us when the season opens up.

Leaving behind the protective woods, we then fell upwards into the sheltering arms of despair, the place where we hope that nothing can find us in the same way anymore. Courageously and fearlessly, striding the path of falling upwards, we discovered true mercy and the unshakeable faith that upholds us with each step.

So, on our ongoing pilgrimage of identity, we learnt to speak from the depths of our inner experience and, listening ever more deeply to our inditing heart, to tell the stories of our origin, the hope and dreams that impel us on the falling upwards path, and the gift of golden grace we receive when we do so.

Generously endowed, we ventured across the gender divide, first towards joy unspeakable yielded by our explorations of womanhood and motherhood, then towards merciful anger when we divulged the violence embedded in the initiation to manhood.

Since leaving behind the winter woods, each pebble picked up on the road back home, each artistic expression, drawings and paintings, prose and poems, all chanting and praising our odyssey with wholeness, ushers us towards the next invitation. We have travelled from the solace of despair to the inditing heart of the pilgrim. We have acknowledged joy unspeakable and surrendered to merciful anger. So, what now?

The words spawned through the guided writing practice suggest pondering on hope, a word that has regularly popped up on our odyssey. Hope breathes through us! It sustains us as we cruise all the crises and dramas that make up the human experience. Therefore, the time has clearly come to unveil Luminous Hope and the Deepest Longings we carry in our hearts.

Practical Information

The Online Workshop takes place on Saturday 15 July 2023 at

  • 8.00 – 10.00 Pacific
  • 11.00 – 13.00 Eastern
  • 16.00 – 18.00 UK & Ireland
  • 17.00 – 19.00 Central Europe


Cost: 250,00 kr.

34 € – £ 29 – 36 US$ – 48 CAD$

To sign up, go to the Webshop and select the date of 15 July 2023. You can sign up until 12.00 (CET) on the day of the workshop. After payment you will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link to access the workshop.

My Heart Is Inditing

The purpose of the workshop is threefold:

  1. Uncovering the artform based on written language which enables us to bring the exquisite invisible into a precious and cherished visible form
  2. Developing our capacities for voicing the truths that dwell in our heart
  3. Initiating an experience of inhabiting and dwelling in the imaginal realm so as to unleash the powerful creativity populating our heart


There are three parts to the workshop.

  1. The first is a sequence of words and music taking us on a transformative voyage of discovery
  2. The second is a guided writing practice following the waves of consciousness unfolding
  3. The third is a time of sharing, not about what might have been produced – and is usually largely work in progress – rather a sharing around the experience of being with others in a creative container dedicated to written language